WALL KICKERS Review for iOS and Android

Wall Kickers review for iOS and Android.  No matter how advanced gaming on mobile gets, there is a certain type of game that really excels on...

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‘STAR TREK TREXELS 2’ REVIEW for iOS and Android

Star Trek Trexels 2 for iOS and Android Star Trek has always been fond of a convenient time travel plot device. With this in mind, we reckon...

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‘HUNGRY DRAGON’ Review for iOS and Android

Hungry Dragon Review for iOS and Android Like stories and narratives, there are a few basic shapes that a game can take. It is the mechanics you...

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The Brilliant DONUT COUNTY Review For iOS

Donut County Review for iOS.  Donut County is a game about putting things in a hole. There is nothing but the hole to consider. The hole must...

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EVERGARDEN Review for iOS – Elegant & Graceful

EVERGARDEN Review for iOS It is difficult to bottle feelings into a video game. Even in a box standard shooter, it still requires talent,...

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BARBEARIAN Review for iOS – A Little Too Barbaric

Barbarian iOS Review  It is pretty obvious from the start that Barbarian was not designed for mobile. It is not about the controls which do...

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LEGEND OF SOLGARD Review | iOS and Android

Legend of Solgard Review for iOS and Android It’s not often that a new game from King gets us excited.  Not because the games are bad, but...

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Bite Size Stealth ‘Sneak Ops’ Review | iOS and Android

Sneak Ops iOS and Android Review. Stealth games vary in intensity. On one hand, you got the super deep games that punish you for a single second...

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Shin Megami Tensei Liberation DX2 Review | iOS and Andriod

Shin Megami Tensei Liberation DX2 iOS and Andriod review. Shin Megami Tensei is not a series known for being kind in terms of difficulty, or...

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Asphalt 9 Legends Review | iOS & Android | The New Arcade Racer King!

Asphalt 9 Legends iOS and Android review. Atmosphere is created by a combination of sensations. For an arcade game, they may revolve around...

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Teen Titans Go! Figure Review | iOS and Android

Teen Titans Go! Figure Review for iOS and Android  If there is one thing mobile gaming needs more of, it’s charm. Lucky for us then, Teen...

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Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 Review | iOS and Android

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 iOS and Android Review. Sequels often rest on the achievements of its predecessors, and in most cases tries to do...

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Earth Atlantis iOS Review – Impactful and Fun

Earth Atlantis for iOS by Pixel Perfex is a game takes us back to an era when things were much simpler, but with new game mechanics. Apart from...

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New Star Soccer Manager iOS Review | For The Love of Soccer

New Star Soccer Manager for iOS is a glorious extension of New Star Soccer and is a home run for developers’ Five Ace Publishing. But before...

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Gleam of Fire iOS Review | The Super Gothic ‘Not-Batman’ 2D Platformer

Developed by Su Min Kim, Gleam of fire for iOS is a brilliant way to announce yourself to the mobile gaming world. This is Su Min Kim’s very...

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Valkyrie Profile Lenneth iOS and Android Review, Taking you back to the Glorious days of JRPGs

Square Enix has been going back to their classic games in the recent past to look for inspiration for their mobile releases. Games like Dragon...

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Space Pioneer Review | Space Never Looked So Good On Mobile – Android & iOS

Space Pioneer for Android and iOS is a top-down shooter that has you traveling through space and colonizing hostile galaxies, and it is...

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‘Sir Questionnaire’ iOS Review | Bringing Old School Back

I am a 90’s kid, so I grew up with some of the coolest retro games there ever was. Because of that, I have a soft spot for games that go old...

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Homo Machina iOS and Android Review – The Best Kind of Biology

Homo Machina for iOS and Android, inspired by the works of Frits Khan is indeed something to experience. The game depicts the human body in a...

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Destiny Warfare REVIEW | The ‘Halo’ for Your Android

After a long waiting period, Destiny Warfare for Android is finally here. The Halo/Destiny like game for mobile. That is what everyone has been...

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The Incredible, Oddmar iOS Review

Premium games on iOS do not get better than this. Oddmar for iOS is what every mobile game dreams to be, and if you call yourself a mobile...

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Long Awaited Shadowgun Legends Android and iOS Review

After a long Beta period, Shadowgun Legends for Android and iOS is finally here. The series is about a group of mercenaries who hunts and kills...

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The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands Review for iOS

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands for iOS is a very smart game. I know it is not a very original thing to say, and that you have heard the same about...

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“Lichtspeer” Review for iOS | Ridiculously Incredible!

Time to step into the shoes of a Spear God. Lichtspeer for iOS is finally here, and oh man are we excited. No word on Lichtspeer for android...

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Dice Brawl: Captains League” Review for Android and iOS

Dice Brawl is another really good “Gacha Game”, and it has got a lot of the feel-good characteristic you would expect out of one of these...

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“Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition” – Review for Android and iOS

Final Fantasy is one of our favorite franchises, period. It is one of those brilliant franchises that never seem to go out of trend. From a...

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“Florence” iOS Review | Something Special

Florence for iOS is one of those games that come about every once in a while that seems to go against all the norms and current trends. The kind...

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“Cytus 2” Review for iOS | Android | Finger Tapping Madness

The developer of Cytus 2 for iOS and Android [soon], Rayark knows what they are good at, and is soon making a name for themselves in...

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Super Fancy Pants Adventure Review for iOS and Android [Soon]

Mr. Fancy Pants, the Hero of Super Fancy Pants Adventure for iOS and Android [soon], first made his debut on a flash game produced by...

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“The Room: Old Sins” iOS and Android Review | One of the Best

The Room Legacy The Room Old Sins for iOS and Android | When the Room was released originally in 2012, it caught everyone off guard. No one was...

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Playdead’s “Inside” iOS Review | A million ways to die

Genius Development Inside for iOS is an amazing product. The Developer’s Playdead really went all out on this one. Why I referred to the game...

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“South Park: Phone Destroyer” | Review for Android and iOS

We at Mobile Game Hunter are huge fans of South Park Phone Destroyer for Android and iOS. The series is hilarious, ridiculous, offensive and...

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Fez Pocket Edition iOS Review | The wonderful world of “Fez”

Before starting off the review, let me say that Fez Pocket Edition for iOS is MFI and iCloud supported, as I’m sure a lot of fans would be...

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Lot of Uncertainties in “The Uncertain” – Android and & iOS Review

“The Uncertain” for Android and iOS has a good concept behind it. The game is set in a world where humans have destroyed themselves...

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Animus – Stand Alone Android and iOS Review | The Dark Soul of the mobile world

Animus Stand Alone Andriod & iOS is getting a lot of attention for being very, very similar to Dark Souls. Some like it, and some don’t....

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Ruya iOS Review – For your Mind and Soul

Ruya for iOS is not you everyday puzzler. Ruya mobile game is designed with one purpose in mind, to provide you with a calming experience. The...

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“Sonic Runner Adventures Review” | Android and iOS

After almost two years later the heartbreak that was Sonic Runners, Gameloft came to save the day with Sonic Runner Adventures for Android and...

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Bridge Constructor Portal Review for Android and iOS – Oh! the Glory of Portals

The much-awaited Bridge Constructor Portal for Android and iOS is here! First of all let’s talk about one of my favorite games of all time,...

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Reigns: Her Majesty Review for Android and iOS | All hail the Queen!

Reigns: Her Majesty iOS, the follow up to the original reigns is a masterpiece. Let me start off the review by saying just that. The whole...

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