20 Best Fighting Games on iOS and Android Right Now!

Best Fighting games on Android and iOS

No matter what kind of gamer you are, everyone loves a good fighter now and then. Why? Because it is probably the best way to let off some steam, and built up aggression, honestly it is good for you. I think.

Anyway, we are not saying all fighters are mindless, button mashing, Knuckledraggers. Some of these games on the list actually have a lot of depth to them.

This list of the best fighting games on Android and iOS will include fantasy hack-n-slashers to Scrolling fighters to Strategic simulators to one-on-one fighters.

Without further ado here is our list of the 20 best fighters on iOS and Android.


20 | Combo Crew

Available on iOS + Android

Combo Crew is an excellent side-scroller built just for mobile, and it shows in its fluid gameplay.


19 | WWE Immortals

Available on iOS + Android

If you combined Mortal Kombat had a baby with the WWE, this is probably what you will get. WWE Immortals still a very good title.


18| Wrassling

Available on iOS + Android

Extremely hilarious and simple game, with a combat system that will kick your a**. Wrassling is not your conventional fighting game, but it certainly is one.


17| Beatdown!

Available on iOS + Android

Brought to by the guys behind Random Hearts and League of Evil, Beatdown! Is a classic beat-em-up which has a lot of character and charm.


16| Fist of Awesome

Available on iOS + Android

One of the best 16-bit fighters available. Fist of Awesome sees you fighting with stripper bears. Yes, stripper bears.


15| Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Available on iOS + Android

Garou: Mark of the Wolves is a conversion of a very good 2D game. It is not perfect, but it is still a good one-on-one fighter. Once you get going, it becomes addictive.


14| Super Samurai Rampage

Available on iOS + Android

Super Samurai Rampage is an absolutely brutal hack-n-slash game. Yet, the game is so slick and smooth that you forget how nasty it is. That is why it so good.


13| King of Fighters ‘98

Available on iOS + Android

Yes, Street Fighter would win the popularity contest but King of Fighters ’98 would win in a ‘which is the better game’ category. King of Fighters ’98 represents the golden era of fighting games brilliantly.


12| The King of Fighters – A 2012

Available on Android

If you want to see how King of Fighters has evolved since the 90’s, then The King of Fighters – A 2012 is the game to check out. This is a fantastic conversion of the best console fighting game of 2010.


11| Dan the Man

Available on iOS + Android

Dan the Man is an excellent tribute fighting games from the 90’s era, with the addition of modern gaming mechanics.


10| Shadow Fight 3

Available on iOS + Android

Shadow Fight 3 is all about timing. The game is gorgeous to look at and play, it is fast and brutal. Fantastic one-on-one beat-em-up.


09| Punch Club

Available on iOS + Android

This is bit of an odd one because Punch Club isn’t actually about you fighting anyone. Here you will train MMA fighters and see them become global superstars.


08| Taekwondo Game Global Tournament

Available on iOS + Android

Don’t let the name fool you. Taekwondo Game Global Tournament is a very polished fighting game where strategy is more important than button mashing.


07| Real Boxing 2

Available on iOS + Android

Fighting in Real Boxing is very tactical, and extremely smart. Also, they have the license to Rocky so, that adds a lot to the game.


06| Marvel Contest of Champions

Available on iOS + Android

The combat system itself is not the best you will ever see, however, what Marvel Contest of Champions does is it lets you fight with and against all the Marvel heroes you can think of. So that right there is a win.


05| Skullgirls

Available on iOS + Android

Skullgirls is no doubt one of the best console game conversion on mobile ever. The game is beautiful to look at, the controls work perfectly, and combat is just one point.


04| Beat Street

Available on iOS + Android

Having ton of buttons and combat options doesn’t make for a good fighter. Beat Street shows that a good side-scroller with excellent gameplay can be just as good.


03| The Executive

Available on iOS + Android

Brutal, loud, and unafraid. The Executive packs a punch with an amount of depth that will take you by surprise.


02| Punch Quest

Available on iOS + Android

An auto-runner with a ton of side-scrolling beat-em-up action outstanding results.


01| EA Sport UFC

Available on iOS + Android

Without a doubt, UFC is the most savagely violent sport in the world, and EA has done a fantastic job at capturing the gruesome, brutal, awesome, action with EA Sport UFC.