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Pokemon Quest iOS and Android Release Date, Game Info and More (Updated)

Everyone likes a good surprise, and that is what we got when Nintendo, along with The Pokemon Company announced “Pokemon Quest” to be released on Switch in June.

Pokemon Quest iOS and Android release date June 28th.

Pokemon Quest is a free-to-play action RPG title, which gives players control over a trio of Pokemon.

These Pokemon will perform attacks automatically, however, there are special attacks which can be used.

Collecting and upgrading Pokemon will be a critical part of Pokemon Quest.

To attract and catch Pokemon you will have to prepare food with ingredients you collect within the game. Also, using the items you earn/collect from completing tasks and levels, can be used to ‘evolve’ the Pokemon.

Pokemon Quest is set to take place on an island called Tumblecude, and will have Pokemon from a region called Kanto.

The games will feature a voxel graphics style, somewhat similar to Minecraft.

Pokemon Quest features a lot of automation. However, players will be heavily involved in the upgrade and growth system of the Pokemon.

The more items you unlock, the more options you will have in terms of upgrades.

Pokemon Quest will become increasing tactical as you progress further into the game, mainly because of the huge number of Pokemon available.

This is where strategy will come in to play.

Pokemon Quest is set to be released on the iOS and Android platform in June and it is a perfect fit for the mobile platform.

Everyone would agree when I say that Pokemon Quest would work a lot better as a touchscreen game.


The game is also a proper free-to-play title, with it only making you spend money on tickets to speed up the cooking process if you need.

Pokemon Quest has got a lot of people interested, including everyone here at Mobile Game Hunter.

We have no doubt that the game will make the headlines when it is released.

Now let’s all wait anxiously until its late June.


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