The Ingenious 7 Billion Humans REVIEW for iOS

The Ingenious 7 Billion Humans REVIEW for iOS

7 Billion Humans iOS Review

We at Mobile Game Hunter love smart games. 7 Billion Humans is a game that we can easily classify as a smart game, a really smart game. This game will teach you a lot of things and even be a great exercise for your brain. If you are someone who doesn’t like learning things while playing video games, then 7 Billion Humans is not for you.

This, of course, is a game that was transferred to mobile, and you might come across a few imperfections while playing, but for the most part, the game runs very smoothly. The game does offer some assistance and tells you what to do in areas but most of the experimentation is left to you.

7 Billion Humans

The story of the game is set in the aftermath of a robot takeover. These robots initially replace humans in their jobs, then ends up employing them to do the same jobs humans made the robots for. It is rather quite funny and tragic at the same time. And you as a player is in charge of one of the factories.

Managing this factory involves you telling your workers what to do. To do this you will need to input programming code into a different screen. Your workers are very obedient as they will do whatever you want them to do. Your first challenge is to get everyone to do the same thing.

The further you get into the game the more complex it becomes. Your workers will need to do more than one thing at a time. This is when you will need to use statement and programming loops.


There is a ton of trial and error involved in 7 Billion Humans, and the challenges are not be taken lightly.  Some levels will require you to spend quite some time to figure out how the level works (Writing from experience). When you do figure things out though, you will find that there is no better feeling in the world.

One big issue with 7 Billion Humans is the little screen. Even though the game plays well on mobile devices, items on the screen might get a little too cramped. Things get a bit fiddly here. Also, when you make a mistake with your programming, you will need to erase the faulty programs, and this too becomes a little annoying on the mobile screen.

Still, 7 Billion Humans is packed full of charm, humor, and incredible smarts. The artwork masks the gloomy message the game feeds you, and clever writing will make you laugh out loud at times. The game beautifully presents the idea of human downfall in an extremely joyous way.

Final Thoughts

7 Billion Humans for mobile is not the most perfect port you will ever see, but it still provides massive amounts of smart fun. Having a title such as this one in your pocket in itself is incredible. These are the only negatives in this game though. Everything else is just pure brilliance.

If you have been following the work of the developer Tomorrow Studio, then giving 7 Billion Humans a go on mobile is something you would definitely do. If you are new to this developer then you should seriously experiencewhat these guys have to offer.

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