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This website came about from our love for games in general. This love for gaming started with PC’s then moved on to consoles like the Play Station and the Xbox.

After the revolution that was the iPhone, we knew the face of gaming would change forever, from simple 2D gaming to impressive console-like gaming in the palm of your hand.

Gaming on mobile devices started becoming serious when Steve Jobs launched newer versions of the iPod touch solely focused on gaming.

This is when the gaming world realized the awesome gaming capabilities of mobiles.


With the mobile gaming revolution in process, game developers started focusing their resources and efforts into pushing the boundaries of mobile hardware and software.

This resulted in stunning and immersive gaming experiences on-the-go. was born to show appreciation to all these amazing game developers and to bring their amazing achievements closer to the fans.

As fans ourselves, we wanted a place on the internet where we could get the news and reviews on the latest and greatest of the mobile gaming scene.

We wanted a place where we can communicate and collaborate with like-minded awesome people and get their opinion on games before downloading/purchasing.

This is the entire purpose of the


We want to build a mobile gaming community because it deserves it. We envision the mobile gaming industry to go neck-and-neck with the console gaming industry.

We believe that mobile gaming will be as big as console gaming and might even surpass it.

Our goal is to make the No.1 preferred online destination for news and reviews of the latest Android and iOS games and to help fans make decisions on what games to buy or try.

This website is our way of showing the love we have for mobile games.