Adventure Sync on POKEMON GO for iOS and Android

Adventure Sync on POKEMON GO for iOS and Android

Pokemon GO introduces Adventure Sync for Android and iOS.

Pokemon Go has been on the news quite a lot recently, and that trend will seem to continue with the latest news coming from The Pokemon Company. Together with Niantic, The Pokemon company announced a feature call Adventure Sync with Pokemon Go.

Adventure Sync will let you progress in the game even when you don’t have the app open in your phone, and the point of this is let players explore more of the Pokemon world.

This will tie into Google Fit on Android and Apple Health on iOS which is an opt-in feature.

So how does Adventure Sync work? Well, for starters it will keep track of your walking distances when the app is not open, and let you hatch eggs and earn Candy from the progress made outside the app.

There will also be a summary delivered weekly which will show progress and statistics for the week. This feature is also an opt-in, and need to be turned on, as it comes turned off by default.

With all the buzz surrounding the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pokemon Games, now seems like the perfect time to give Pokemon Go if you haven’t already (Or get back into it). There is a lot of new content added in terms of features and social content, so make sure miss out on any of the fun.


Download Pokemon Go for iOS and Android below: