Ancient AR for iOS | Release Date and More

Ancient AR for iOS | Release Date and More

First of all, we have yet to come across a VR mobile game that really impressed us. Main reason being, VR has been used as more of a gimmick rather than a medium to actually tell a story with engaging gameplay.

Ancient AR for iOS seems set to change all that.

Developed by Immersion, Ancient AR is set to release on May 15th, and from first impressions, Ancient AR looks pretty freakin’ awesome.

Ancient AR is a real-time strategy game, which takes place in the ocean. You will have command over a fleet of warships, where you will be in the middle of a never-ending war between three kingdoms.

Who are the Ancients?

The Ancients are massive creatures living in the sea that can be summoned for battle.

In midst of all the chaos, if you feel like you require a little bit of assistance from a giant ancient being, through the magic AR, you have the power to summon one of them.

Check out the promo video below

Okay, I will admit, Ancient AR does look a bit gimmicky, still in a very awesome way.

If you are not the biggest fan of AR, the developers’ Immersion has got you covered. Ancient AR will also be available as a non-AR version, and that should satisfy those of you who are unsatisfied VR games.

Ancient AR will be available on May 15th and is currently available for pre-orders in the App Store. If you are excited about Ancient VR you can use this link to pre-order, and come May 15th, the game will automatically download itself on to your iOS device.

Or else you can wait till the game is officially released and then download it the old fashion way 🙂