Animus – Stand Alone Android and iOS Review | The Dark Soul of the mobile world

Animus – Stand Alone Android and iOS Review | The Dark Soul of the mobile world

Animus Stand Alone Andriod & iOS is getting a lot of attention for being very, very similar to Dark Souls. Some like it, and some don’t.

We can’t get enough.

Dark Souls, for those of you who don’t know, is an extremely popular and extremely difficult Console and PC game.

The game is popular actually because of its legendary difficulty level and its dark and moody themes.

Animus Stand Alone is not very far from that, it is actually born from the same blueprint.

What is it about?

The premise of Animus Stand Alone is simple.

You need to do whatever it takes to stay alive. You, of course, are a knight with a huge sword, and everything you come across in this game wants to kill you.

The game throws at you a variety of enemies including few “big” bosses.

However, you are not alone in this game, as you got yourself a friendly guide named Lethe, who very generously gives you hints and tips on how to escape sticky situations.

It looks great!

You can tell from the game menu itself that the graphics are going to be pretty good. From the detail in the shadows to how the sunshine hits the armor, everything just looks very high end.

Even the in-game sounds feel very detailed, and if you are playing with headphones on, Animus Stand Alone can get very creepy.

However, beware, the game is not best friends with your phone’s battery.

Loot, you need loot!

Be on the lookout for loot drops as these come in handy. You can find material to money to weapons inside these.

The weapons you use will have an effect on how the game plays.

You can feel the difference when you use a heavy weapon compared to the lighter one; the speed, the movement of the character changes.

And that is pretty cool. The money you acquire can be used to purchase better and bigger weapons which will obviously help you defeat bigger and worse bosses.


Is it open world?

Animus – Stand Alone is not an open world game, which we think is a really good decision by the developers as it doesn’t unnecessarily drag the game on.

Let’s face it, we do not want to spend hours on playing a game in a hand-held device, especially our mobile phones, so in that sense, it makes perfect sense.

What is a normal level like?

Each level of Animus Stand Alone will hit you with a high number of weaker enemies which will eventually lead to big bad boss of each level.

Even combating the ‘pawns’ if you must, is extremely satisfying. And even more than that, coming up trumps in a really tough boss fight is even more satisfying.

The games give you that need of wanting to learn and improve, and be a better warrior. For that, you have to give major props to the developers.


Combat is super cool!

A huge plus point in the game is its combat. This is really well done in that, you have so many variables and moves and combos you can try.

In some occasions it’s not a choice, you HAVE to do certain combos, if not you die, simple as that.

Where the game differentiates from the Dark Souls games is that the action feels a lot faster, which was needed I think for the mobile platform.

Final thoughts

Animus is a fantastic mobile game, even though it may not be very original, it is still brilliant none the less.

And actually, I don’t think the developers wanted the game to be an original, rather an ode to Dark Souls, which obviously where the Animus – Stand Alone has drawn inspiration from.

Overall this game is something you cannot miss out on, and it is certainly worth the money you pay. Happy killing guys!

Download Animus Stand Alone for Android & iOS below: