Apple is eyeing on a high-tech magnetic case
Apple is eyeing on a high-tech magnetic case

Apple is eyeing on a high-tech magnetic case

Apple is exploring a brand new patent for a high-tech magnetic case that might shield your iPad or iPhone from shattering.

however, it’s simply a concept right now. There’s no guarantee the corporation will ever make it.

Julian Shabtai sees plenty of damaged and broken iPads and iPhones come into his Studio city shop.

“quite damaged, most of them,” stated Shabtai.

He owns the mobile phone factory and iPhone repair shop on Ventura street, boulevard. He says his clients can simply payloads of bucks to repair their Apple devices.

“occasionally even with the protecting screens it still hits hard,” stated Shabtai. “it could additionally do harm inside the board.”

however, a brand new concept is floating around. as per AppleInsider, the corporation is toying with the concept for a case that would shield your iPad or iPhone in the course of a fall.

The patent describes the use of electromagnets within Apple devices to sense when the device is falling and those magnets could “pull” the device far from the side that is anticipated to crash into the ground.

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“it might help lots of people due to the fact the brand new smartphones are all glass in the backside,” stated Ashley Catano, who says she likes the concept.

She stopped by the Apple store in Pasadena along with her mother Thursday after shattering the display on her iPhone for the 3rd time.

Her mother is more sceptical of the case actually being something she could use.

“Who needs to carry something bulky? something that may fit inside your pocket perfectly. I suppose it might need to be something handy and of course cost-effective,” stated Marianna Catano.

everything has its weak factors, stated Shabtai. “In an instance take a look at Star Wars. Had a tiny spot in the massive ship and then you hit that and it could be destroyed. everything will be damaged or broken.”

Apple does register a whole lot of patent applications each week, and not all ideas make their way into business products.