“Arena of Valor” to be turned into a BIG Esports event courtesy of Tencent

“Arena of Valor” to be turned into a BIG Esports event courtesy of Tencent

Arena of Valor is absolutely massive in Asia and occupies a huge space in the mobile gaming scene. The US, however, people are still catching up. I’m not talking just about Arena of Valor but mobile games in general. In Asia, mobiles games are highly respected and treated with the same respect as console games. In the US though, people are yet to see the potential. All the might change soon though. At least, that is the plan by Tencent.

Tencent has plans to make mobile gaming as big as console gaming in the US, and want to turn into an Esports event. To start things off, Tencent currently has planned an event to be held in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, with a prize money of HALF A MILLION DOLLARS. Now that should wake some people up. There have been Arena of Valor championships held in the past, however, these were always held in South East Asia.


Tencent is doing a lot to promote and market this event and is trying to get major Esports teams involved in this event to increase the hype. It is clear that Tencent wants to establish themselves in the North American market as well. So far the response has been positive as popular names like Team Liquid are planning on participating in this event.

Tencent is not planning on having just one big championship. Rather, the company wants to make sure that the opportunity is given to everyone from around the US to participate in these big events. Therefore Tencent will be holding many smaller and local tournaments to find the best talent to participate on a bigger stage.

The Main objective of Tencent is to show North America the real potential of mobile gaming and to make mobile gaming a serious Esport category. These events will certainly be a start. We at Mobile Game Hunter accept Tencent’s mission wholeheartedly. Just like Tencent’s mission, our mission is also to show the world the raw awesomeness of mobile on the go, and the true potential it carries.