Ark: Survival Evolved for iOS and Android | Pick of the Week

Ark: Survival Evolved for iOS and Android | Pick of the Week

Ark: Survival Evolved is a game that was in the works for a very long time. So much so that we thought it would never see the light of day. As for Ark: Survival Evolved on mobile, we never even imagined it.

The game was first launched back in 2015 at E3 and it was getting good positive feedback. However, even then we knew that an official release would be a long way away.

It was finally released last year and had quite an impressive run on the Xbox One.

Did you know: Ark: Survival Evolved sold over 1.5 million copies on the Xbox One and is the 10th highest selling game on the platform.

Impressive huh?

Still, Ark: Survival Evolved on the mobile platform was something we thought would never happen, just because of the fact that it is a massive open-world sandbox game.

Once again, we are proven wrong by the developers, and now we have Ark: Survival Evolved on iOS and Android.

Firstly, it is very impressive how developers are finding ways to compress massive games to support mobile hardware. Ark: Survival Evolved for mobile is also quite an achievement in that sense.

Be warned though, Ark: Survival Evolved is not going take it easy on your mobile phone. It is VERY demanding.

Even the App Store itself warns that the game would only support devices which are two years old.

Yes, Ark: Survival Evolved is a demanding game but that is because you are getting the full Ark experience.

And that is what you want!

This means that the game will have a FULL single player play through and even a FULL multiplayer world where you can play with other players, build cities and battle Dinos.

This year has been massive for ports and we have been getting some great games, but now playing Ark: Survival Evolved on your mobile? WOW

Ark: Survival Evolved on iOS and Android is, of course, free to play with a subscription plan. You have the option of a monthly and an yearly plan which gives you extra goodies to get the best experience out of the game.

You can play the game for free no problem; just like we have been and so far the experience has been very good.

You start the game washed up on a beach, not knowing what is going on and as you make your way into the jungle you need to learn to harvest resources and craft items to survive.

It won’t be long until you have your first encounter with a dinosaur, I have to admit, my heart was in my mouth.

It’s great!

We have been having a blast so far with Ark: Survival Evolved and we will keep at it to find out everything that can be done in this game.

Exploring the world of Ark is a lot of fun, and to do it on your mobile phone is just great.

If you have a mobile phone that can support the game, then you should definitely give it a try. Just make sure you are next to a power outlet : )