ARMED HEIST – iOS & Android Release Date, News and More!

ARMED HEIST – iOS & Android Release Date, News and More!

The soft launch of Armed Heist by developer Sozap happened last year in October and If you are familiar with games like Payday then you would get an idea of what Armed Heist is all about.

The soft launch of Armed Heist featured few bite-size missions where you had to perform various heists, which involved doing things like killing cops and robbing banks. Very Very bad things.

Keeping the villainy activities aside, Armed Heist seemed like a well developed fun little title.

Since the soft launch, Sozap has been working on perfecting the game for over a year, adding new missions, mode types, and tweaking the game itself to bring it up to a point where it was ready for a Global release.

Armed Heist release date is August 16th. 

The trailer below is not a new trailer, hence not a final representation of the game, however, this will give you an idea of what to expect.  Watch the Armed Heist trailer below:

Armed Heist will be FREE TO PLAY and will charge the players for weapons unlocking and upgrades. That my friend is the grind, which seems to be the trend these days.

If you are the type that likes the grind, even still, I think you will have massive amounts of fun playing Armed Heist as it looks like a total gem.

We totally dig it.

And if you live in the following parts of the world (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, or Sweden) and if you have an iTunes account, you can check it out NOW for free.

Or else, you can wait until August 16th to try it out when it officially launches worldwide.