ASSASSINS CREED REBELLION iOS & Android Release Date and More!

ASSASSINS CREED REBELLION iOS & Android Release Date and More!

Assassins Creed Rebellion release date for iOS and Android

Who remembers when Ubisoft announced Assassins Creed Rebellion for iOS and Android last year? I am sure not a lot, and we were even beginning to think this was never going to happen.

We’re glad to say that we are proven wrong.

This free-to-play ‘collect em’ all’ game titled Assassins Creed Rebellion was first announced in June last year, and Ubisoft went completely radio-silent after that.

The initial trailer for Assassins Creed Rebellion reminded us of Fallout Shelter in terms of building your own fortress, and in Rebellion, that is where you will be training your assassins.

After a very long soft-launch Ubisoft is now ready to unleash the beast on November 21st. Check out the Pre-registration trailer for Assassins Creed Rebellion.

As you can see, the pre-registration campaign was launched together with the Assassins Creed Rebellion release date announcement.

And as always, pre-registering gets you a whole bunch of benefits, so if you are interested you should definitely pre-register. To do so, just go to the Official Website where you can sign up.

So, what are these pre-reg benefits? You get exclusive characters and weapons from the lastest mainline release, Assassins Creed Odyssey, which only came out last week.

From what we have gathered so far, the buzz surrounding the game is very positive. We are certainly looking forward to this one.