Beautifully-Crafted ASSASSINS CREED REBELLION Review for iOS & Android

Beautifully-Crafted ASSASSINS CREED REBELLION Review for iOS & Android

Assassins Creed Rebellion iOS and Android review

In a not too long ago past, mobile game developers conceptualized, developed, tested, and released games within a year. Just the soft-launch period alone for Assassins Creed Rebellion lasted well over a year. You really can’t blame Ubisoft for taking their time with this one, as its first free-to-play mobile game has the potential to turn into a something massive.

Assassins Creed Rebellion has had some major changes done to it since it was first released in the Philippines App Store way back in June 2017. We did check out the initial release as well, and we didn’t find much wrong with it.

This game embraces the spirit of the classic Assassins Creed games, and places you in Renaissance Spain, where you have to fight back against the Inquisition and the Knights Templar. The game offers a 2D turn-based stealth combat system.

Assassins Creed Rebellion

At the beginning of each mission, you will have to select three assassins for the job. You will select them based on their special skills, health skills, and power. During the mission, it is completely up to you how you use your assassins. You can control what kind of attack or move you use as you move through different rooms. The game will also give you the option to let the AI do all the work for you too.

From what we know, the Auto-Play option was added very late into Assassins Creed Rebellion, and we believe developer Behavior Interactive had something to do with this one.

If you don’t like this feature, of course then you don’t have to use it. Some will opt to use auto-play as combat is not the main element of Assassins Creed Rebellion. It is, therefore, a convenient option.

The true game here lies in upgrading and collecting assassins. The game will feature 46 assassins at the start, and upgrading these assassins will see you building new rooms for training and crafting. Assassins Creed Rebellion will also have you gathering all sorts of useful resources.

Some might find the game to be a little overwhelming at the start. There is an abundance of missions to complete apart from the main story-line, and it might be a little difficult to figure out how everything links together. There are also special event missions and resource collecting mission to add to it all.

If you successfully manage to ‘three-star’ a mission, you can instantly gain its rewards. This is where the soft-launch version becomes handy as you quickly identify the quickest way to unlock the assassins you want and level up.

Don’t be fooled by the cute animation of the assassins. Some the cutest assassins in Assassins Creed Rebellion has the most brutal finishing moves. It really is hard to criticize the game and I would imagine only a really bitter Assassins Creed hater would say anything bad about it.

Final Thoughts

Assassins Creed Rebellion is a very well crafted game, and it sort of makes sense why it spent so long in soft-launch mode. More importantly, it encapsulates the spirit of Assassins Creed beautifully. The game gives you a lot to do, and once you get the hang of it, you will find yourself going back to the game every few hours or so.

Assassins Creed Rebellion is another excellent example of how to bring the console and mobile platforms together to create a cohesive experience. The wait for Assassins Creed Rebellion was certainly worth it.