The Very Good BADLAND BRAWL iOS & Android Review

The Very Good BADLAND BRAWL iOS & Android Review

Badland Brawl iOS and Android review

The opening moments of Badland Brawl might seem a bit confusing if you are a fan of the previous games. The first two games of the Badland series impressed us with its very slick physics-based platforming.

You might get a sense of ‘Clash Royal’ initially, but the more you stick with it the more a realize there is a lot more to it.

Badland Brawl at its core is, in fact, a card-based MOBA with towers to destroy, yet it offers so much more with one little interesting twist.

Badland Brawl

If you are familiar with Mobile MOBA’s you would know that battles take place in flat planes. There will be options to move up and down but for the most part, everything is in a straight line.

The same concept is there in Badland Brawl but it throws a new idea into the mix. The units you send out into battle are set on a catapult, and you can throw them in the air and get them to land exactly where you want the units to be.

This is a genius addition to this kind of game. It not only keeps the genre fresh, but it also makes Badland Brawl a lot more playable and fun.

What this does is it gives the player more control over the proceedings and adds a verticality to the game. There are still units you can send along the ground as well along with the units that attack from above. Very cool.

This feature also makes the battles unpredictable. One moment you are on the verge of victory sending a fatal bomb through the air to destroy the enemy camp, and then the enemy counters with a clever shot to deflect the explosion right back to where it came from.

Badland Brawl still involves making the right decisions at the right time when it comes to playing the deck. Make the wrong move and you get punished. However, in a genre where for the most part only involves you making decisions, the slingshot element in Badland Brawl adds a whole new challenge.

Badland Brawl gives you victory eggs for smashing the enemy’s tower. These victory eggs give you instant rewards. However, you also have the option to stick them in a ‘wait timer’ which will give you more rewards but might take a couple hours to open.

Final Thoughts

Why we love Badland Brawl is because it is a game that wants to give you the best experience possible, and it doesn’t force you to spend. Which is very refreshing. Also, it is hands down one of the best PvP games of the year.

Badland Brawl will challenge you to be the best and make you want to reach the top of the multiplayer charts. The time you put in is rewarded with better cards. For some reason, losing a battle feels very painful in this game, and that makes you want to get right back in there.

If you were looking for a new favorite mobile MOBA, the Badland Brawl is something you really should check out.


Download Badland Brawl for iOS and Android below: