Best TRUE SURF Alternatives for Android

Best TRUE SURF Alternatives for Android

True Surf is no doubt one of the best surfing games on mobile right now let alone iOS. When the Game launched in October this year, there was talk of an Android version coming out as well. So far we have had little to no updates on a True Surf Android version.

We like to believe that an Android version of True Surf is in the works, given how good of a surfing game it is. So, while we patiently wait for that, we thought of putting together a list of True Surf Android alternatives to get our surf on.

Here are the best True Surf Android alternatives we found on the Google Play Store:


The Journey – Surf Game

[Game Description]

YouRiding The Journey is a free-to-play mobile surf game developed by Intellysurf, the online game developer and publisher of YouRiding since 2007, the surfing and bodyboarding browser game with over 1 million players worldwide!

With an impressive selection of over 300 real waves, stunning graphics and intuitive touch-screen controls, YouRiding The Journey makes it easy to travel the world, ride perfect waves, get barreled and pull off big moves no matter where you are! Surf the tour events and prove you are the best with live rankings. Can you be the best in the league?

Surfing Master

[Game Description]

Ride on the forward face of the moving wave, perform amazing tricks in the air, and become the pro surfer there is! Surfing Master is #1 realistic 3D surface water sports game on Android.

Master the maneuvers of bottom turn, re-entry, cutback, reverse, layback, snap, stall and all latest real-life tricks. Surf in breathtaking locations all over the world now! Your skill and imagination are the only limits to the tricks you can pull off!


Billabong Surf Trip

[Game Description]

Enjoy the perfect mix of Surfing Simulation and Arcade Action in ‘Billabong Surf Trip’. The adrenaline rush begins as you grab your board and explore the world’s best surfing spots on your way to becoming the ultimate pro surfer. Discover the unique feeling of an amazing surf barrel and the power of your board when performing an aerial maneuver.


BCM Surfing Game

[Game Description]

BCM Surfing Game. World’s most realistic surfing competition game has come! The game is designed for real surfers by the real surfers. Enjoy and learn about surfing.

1 Snapper Rocks / Gold Coast
2 Teahupoo / Tahiti
3 J-bay / South Africa
4 Trestles / California
5 Banzai Pipeline / Hawaii