BLACK PARADOX Coming Soon to iOS and Android

BLACK PARADOX Coming Soon to iOS and Android

Black Paradox Coming to iOS and Android in November. 

Who doesn’t love an old-school scrolling shoot em up? We sure as hell do. Not sure what it is but, we have seen many developers venturing back into this era for inspiration and it has become somewhat of a trend.

If you are a fan of arcade games from the 80’s and 90’s you would know how popular scrolling shooters were those days.  Thanks to technology, developers are now able to take those same concept and inject new game mechanics to make these type of games feel fresh and current.

One of our favorites is Steredenn, and Fantastic Studio’s Black Paradox reminds us a lot of that game.

From what we have seen so far, Black Paradox features super hot retro-style graphics, plenty of 80’s references, and has stuffed all of that into a classic shooter.

Remember the car ‘DeLorean’ from Back to the Future? Well, that is basically what you will be driving around in space, and rest of the Black Paradox looks like it came straight out of the 80’s.

Check out the trailer for Black Paradox:

Fantastic Studios launched Black Paradox in July as an ‘early access title’ to test the game out and the response has been very positive.

Obviously, the developers will be doing some tweaks (That’s the whole point of early access), but the biggest question posed so far was whether Black Paradox will be available on iOS.

The answer, YES. The Studio will make Black Paradox available on iOS in November.

In Black Paradox, players will go through 7 stages, fighting randomly generated enemies with a boss fight at the end of every level.

We have heard that the boss fight are pre-determined and that players will need to focus on the story, no matter how whacky it is.

Read more about the Black Paradox story on their official website. There are also demos you can try out. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Mobile Game Hunter will keep an eye on Black Paradox for more info and a release date.

Peace out.