The Retro Shooter BLACK PARADOX iOS Release Date and Pre-Order

The Retro Shooter BLACK PARADOX iOS Release Date and Pre-Order

Black Paradox Release Date and Pre-Order on iOS

The trailer that was released for Black Paradox about a month ago by Fantastico Studio got us all very excited. Why did it get us excited?

First, the game is a shoot-em-up inspired by retro classics.  Black Paradox also has this heavy 80’s neon theme going on which is gorgeous to look along with its awesome synthetic music.

Even more impressive was the gameplay. Black Paradox is a horizontally scrolling shooter with massive boss fights and rogue-like elements. The game reminds us of Streredenn and Supre Hydroah, which were two very cool games.

If you have not seen the trailer for Black Paradox yet, here it is:

In the initial post, we mentioned that the game was set to release some time in November and we were right. Black Paradox release date is set for November 14th on the App Store with pre-orders available now!

If you pre-order Black Paradox you can get it for a discounted price of $3.99. This seems to be a trend now with most developers offering price discounts on pre-orders which is a very smart move.

If Black Paradox is something you would dig, it is advisable pre-ordering the game to save some money. If not you can get it when Black Paradox is officially released on November 14th.