Unique Puzzler BRIX! Block Blast Now Available on iOS & Android

Unique Puzzler BRIX! Block Blast Now Available on iOS & Android

BRIX! Block Blast for iOS and Android.

Mobile puzzlers have mostly always been copy-pate products, looking to make a quick buck. Every once in a while a puzzler comes along that truly brings out an original idea. We can safely say that BRIX! Block Blast is one of them.

BRIX! Block Blast introduces players to a new mechanic injecting some much-needed originality to the genre.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Tetris, BRIX! Block Blast also uses the classic drop-elements-from-the-top approach, combining it with color-matching gameplay. This system is called ‘drop & match’, which is what sets BRIX! Block Blast apart.

In the game, this mechanic is used to combine blocks and rack up points which will give you boosters ‘blasting’ you into the next level. The game lets you collect iconic landmarks on completion of each level.

“We didn’t want to make just another predictable match-style game, we researched a way to combine new mechanics with classic gameplay that people know and love.” Is what the lead developer of BRIX! Block Blast, Bruno Marcos had to say.

“We created this game with the whole family in mind,” Marcos added. “We wanted it to be challenging enough for adults, but easy enough for kids to pick up and understand”.


Download BRIX! Block Blast for Android and iOS now: