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Mario Cart Tour Comes to London

Mario Cart Tour android + IOS Comes to London

Following the Tokyo, Paris, and Winter visits, Mario Kart Tour is currently made a beeline for old Blighty for a charming stop-off in London.

The previous evening, over on the game’s authentic Twitter account, we got our first take a gander at the most recent track. You have Big Ben sans the framework, a couple red transports, and the Shard. Much like the other late tracks, it looks genuinely lovely.

Over the new track, two new racers will be added to the spotlight pipe. Santa Clause Mario will likewise be realistic until December 31st, however he’s said to be an extremely uncommon discover without a doubt.

It’s constantly an amazement to see so a lot of substance being turned out for Mario Kart Tour at such a quick pace. I get it bodes well if Nintendo needs players to stay with the disputable £4.99-a-month Gold Pass.

The London visit occasion is set to start next Tuesday, December third, at 10pm PT. In case you’re still needing a few companions for difficulties or in-game occasions, we have a rundown directly here of more than 17,000 MK Tour companion codes. What’s more, best look at our Ultimate Guide for the game while you’re at.

You’ll discover Mario Kart Tour accessible for download now from both the App Store and Google Play.


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