Review | ‘COMMAND and CONQUER: RIVALS’ A Better Game Than Expected

Review | ‘COMMAND and CONQUER: RIVALS’ A Better Game Than Expected

Command and Conquer: Rivals review for Android and iOS

The entire mobile gaming community was worried when Command and Conquer: Rivals was first announced. Because the first impressions of the game were so bad that it looked like a Clash Royale clone gone wrong.

What the fans wanted was something special, something different, but gamers have been let down too often, so we did not have high hopes for Command and Conquer: Rivals

However, what we have got here is a beautiful pleasant surprise. Command and Conquer: Rivals is bringing some new ideas and fusing that with what made the game a classic in the first place. It is unlike any C&C game ever.

Command and Conquer: Rivals

The layout of the game is pretty simple. You have got an army and a base. You need to dig up the Tiberium that is laying around somewhere and use it launch your units. You will naturally find the enemy base on the opposite side, and surrounding a missile are three control pads.

The game is all about staying in control of the majority of those pads. Because if you are in control of them when the bar fills up, you can launch a missile attack.  Two of these missile attacks is a guaranteed victory or loss if you are the one who is receiving it.

You will find different types of units, and each of these units requires extra parts in your base before you can use them. For example, if you unlock a helicopter, you will require a helipad before you can use it. This is where Tiberium comes in. You need money in the bank to fund your battles.

Barracks will let you roll out human units and happens to be the cheapest. Tiberium collectors are also very important. The more Tiberium you have the more resources you can collect, and this could be the deciding factor when it comes to winning and losing. Each unit is different with their own weaknesses and strengths.

You have full control over these units as well. You can tap on them and move them anywhere you want, you can place all of them on the three pads to keep enemies away, or you can keep then ‘on the bench’ so to speak, and use them when you want.

At times Command and Conquer: Rivals is like playing a game of chess. Other times it is full-blown aggression. There is awesome back-and-forth in this game. The Free-to-play aspects are also pretty good. The wait times are not too long so that it stops your progress, and there is no energy system here to block playing. If you want to progress faster then yes, buying cards help.

Final Thoughts

First things first, if you are expecting a familiar Command and Conquer game, then you will be disappointed, however, there are certain allowances for hardcore fans to keep them happy. The missile pad capturing element adds a whole new dimension to the game, and the ability to move units give it an RTS feel.

Command and Conquer: Rivals is NOT a cheap attempt at making a quick buck as initially suspected by most people after seeing the first few gameplay videos. This is a commendable attempt at adding new flavors to a genre that is growing in popularity. A successful attempt.

Seriously, put aside any misplaced hate for this game and try it with an open mind. Command and Conquer: Rivals is a very, very good game.


Download Command and Conquer: Rivals for Android below: iOS version will be announced soon