Coolest Android Games to Play in 2018

Coolest Android Games to Play in 2018

2017 was a really busy year for mobile gaming, and 2018 is going to be even more so. We are so excited to what this year is going to bring us. The following are the Coolest Android Games in 2018. think we will have a big impact this year.

The concept behind this game is really awesome. The game makes use of augmented reality to come up with a whole new concept. is the world’s first augmented reality first-person shooter. The world will literally become your playground. This is what we want from developers, to innovate and push boundaries. In order to play this game, you will need a thing called the inceptor which will cost you $18.00. This little piece of tech uses Bluetooth technology which acts as a sensor and features proprietary infrared projections. Is it worth the price? Just for the coolness factor, I would say yes., however is absolutely free

For the Inceptor, check out the link below

Mighty Battles

From the creators of the Kill Shot franchise, Hothead Games, we are being treated to another action strategy game. The plot is simple enough, Kill everyone in your path and move up the rankings. To do so you will need to set up your team or squad and them take them to battle. What we are really impressed about Mighty Battles is its fantastic gameplay mechanics. Safe to say, we love this game

Dragon Ball Z Awakening

The Chinese have done it again! This is yet another gem by Chinese developers. Dragon Ball Z Awakening is absolutely stunning and strongly recommended, however there is one catch though, it is in Chinese. However, there are videos on how to play the game which you can check out. If you are even the slightest Dragon Ball Z fan. This is game is a must try.

The Walking Zombie – Dead City

This stunning cartooney undead bloody piece of art is sure to be a big success. The Walking Dead – Dead City is so fluent in its gameplay, the story is very engaging, the graphics are beautiful. There is really not much to hate about this game. If you love killing zombies and saving the world, this is the game for you.

Summoner’s Greed – Idle TD

Who doesn’t love playing the bad guy sometimes? Well, we love it, and we absolutely loved playing Summoner’s Greed – Idle TD. You as the summoner will be stealing from the king, and the king, obviously not happy about it, send his army to take his treasure back. You have strategically place your towers and weapons in order to stop the king’s army and ultimately defeat them. This highly addictive game “Summoner’s Greed – Idle TD” is sure to keep you hooked on for hours.

Battle Of Arrow

Battle Of Arrow is a super fun real-time player vs player game where you will be battling out to, well, kill each other with arrows. In this game you in addition to defeating your opponents, you will be picking up weapons, upgrading your skills and collecting items which will ultimately help you become a better stronger worrier. Battle Of Arrow features impressive graphics and fluid gameplay which is ideal to kill few hours with your friends.

Jumanji The Mobile Game

Jumanji The Mobile Game was obviously made to promote the movie, and usually, these kind of games are just that, promotional material. However, his game might surprise you. We all know Jumanji is a board game and that is what the mobile game is all about as well. You roll the dice and play along. You progress by building houses and winning loot. This game will get you thinking as well. So give this game a try, because we loved it.

Sonic Runners Adventure

From the Sonic: the hedgehog series, comes the newest addition, Sonic Runners Adventure. This endless runner is developed by Gameloft, is a sequel to Sonic Runners. This game is 2.5D side-scrolling platformer. Gameplay is similar to other games in the series where you will be guiding the main character through a series of levels in the hopes of getting the highest score.The story is good but what you play for is the super fun endless running gameplay, which you can easily get addicted to. Sonic Runners Adventure is now available for both Android and iOS.

Mayhem – PvP Multiplayer Arena Shooter

This real-time player v player multiplayer if fun, competitive, beautiful to look at, challenging and thrilling. Everything you want from a shooter. We were so excited to play Mayhem – PvP Multiplayer Arena Shooter just because it looked so good. And as the title suggest, it is total mayhem at times. You will have to assemble your teams, come up with strategies and tactics to play against players worldwide. A network connection is needed.

Arena Of Valor

Oh my god! This game is absolutely nuts! This is also a pvp mutlpyer game which we think is best MOBA in the world. What we were most excited was about being able to play as Batman in this unique setting. And it’s not just Batman, there are other heroes from DC comics as well, including Wonder woman and Superman. There is huge number of heroes to choose from and it’s amazing way to kill few hours with your friend. Arena of Valor is highly recommended!

Animus : Stand Alone

Fan of Dark souls What about Bloodborne? Then you are sure to love Animus – Stand Alone, Set in a world where everything wants to kill you, this game takes you on a dark and twisted journey, which oh so sweet! Your task as the player is to simply escape this wretched place, alive if you can. And you can see how much time the developers have spent on getting the game just right by looking at the graphics alone. The shadows, the light reflecting off the armor to sunlight effects, everything looks amazing. You will not be disappointed with Animus – Stand Alone 🙂

Pocket Legends Adventures

This game is EPIC. From Space Time studios, creators of probably the biggest mobile MMO games, Pocket Legends Adventures is another sure-fire hit. The game features real-time combat, brilliant character customization and Co-op multiplayer which is super smooth and fast. Pocket Legends Adventures, has been getting some great review all from all around the world from critics and players alike. This game has all the makings of the all-time favorite. Don’t take our word for it, try it out yourself for free.