Cyberflix TV apk on Amazon Firestick TV

Cyberflix TV apk on Amazon Firestick TV

The best free android free streaming and downloading app, Cyberflix TV is on a heck of an app. While having one of the largest libraries of movies and TV shows, the app also is compatible with all of the android devices you can think of. One of these devices is Amazon Firestick. Cyberflix apk is compatible with Amazon Firestick because the app was developed specifically for the Android OS. So let’s have a look at how to install Cyberflix tv apk on Amazon firestick.

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the below guide will provide you with the instructions needed to install Cyberflix apk on your amazon firestick. Follow the below guidelines to successfully install Cyberflix apk on Amazon Firestick TV.

Install Cyberflix tv apk on Amazon Firestick TV

  1. Find the settings option on your home screen and click it
  2. Click on Device, and in the settings menu
  3. here you will ‘developer options’, click on it
  4. Once that is done, you will have to click on ‘apps from unknown sources’
  5. in the pop-up following the above action, you will click on ‘turn on’ to continue
  6. Your next move is to go back to the home screen and go to the search bar
  7. To download the Cybeflix apk for amazon firestick, you will need the Downloader app. Therefore in the search bar, type in Downloader and click go
  8. Once you find the application, click on install
  9. You will then receive a pop up from the downloader app to which you will click on ‘allow’
  10. You will need to allow access for the downloader app as well, so do it here
  11. Now in the downloader app, go to settings and enable JavaScript
  12. When you see the Cyberflix apk app, click on it and download the app
  13. Once that is done, allow access for the Cyberflix apk and start streaming!

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