“Cytus 2” Review for iOS | Android | Finger Tapping Madness

“Cytus 2” Review for iOS | Android | Finger Tapping Madness

The developer of Cytus 2 for iOS and Android [soon], Rayark knows what they are good at, and is soon making a name for themselves in rhythm-based games.

Two other great games by the developers were, VOEZ and Cytus. It is only natural that they would stick to their genre, and come up with another rhythm-based game.

And the product was Cytus 2, and boy, are we glad. Cytus 2 Android will be available soon.

Get your tappin’ on

Let me start off by saying, Cytus II is not easy.

From the start, the game will challenge you to the maximum. The further you get into the game, the more insane it gets.

There aren’t a lot of variations in the control mechanisms; rather it will be more about your ‘finger tapping skills’.

If you are familiar with other rhythm-based games, you know how the notes you need to tap on are shown on the screen.

Cytus II opts for a unique way of doing this, in that, the notes pop up in random places on the screen, which is cool.



Gettin’ you started

The tutorial takes you through the basics of the controls system of the game, however, knowing the basics will not help you when you go deeper into the game.

The note tapping gets pretty nasty towards the end and requires some skill to get through.

The tempo changes sometimes without warning which messes with your flow, together with the super complicated chain of notes, the game pushes players to the limit.

The worst/best part of it is that the game throws these things at you so fast, you are not even sure what you actually did.

You will also need to put your brain to work on this, as recognizing and memorizing patterns is a crucial part of the game.

Dead DJ

Another reason why Cytus II is different from other rhythm-based games is that this has a story to it (a rather good one) that is set in the future.

The story is as follows; the world’s no 1 DJ is a no-show at an important concert, and this becomes a hot topic among fans and rivals.

You can choose to ignore the story at first, but eventually, it will catch up with you.

There are few DJ characters you can play, each with their own playlist.

The entire playlist is obviously not available when you start, as you need to unlock music by completing songs.

The game will not let you finish an entire playlist at once, as you need to play playlists of all character together to progress.



This is how the game gets you involved in the story. The story of Cytus II essentially unfolds itself on a storyboard, and you have to read it to be a part of it.

I would assume most of you will not do this, however, you will need to read at least a few lines here and there to get an idea as to what’s going on.

Also to unlock tracks what you will need is XP, and you get XP once you complete a song. Therefore, you can keep playing the same song to gain XP to unlock songs, but that’s boring 🙂

We Love Anime

Talking about the visuals, this is somewhere Cytus II really shines.

Every aspect of the game is better the first Cytus. Cytus has a very unique style to it and has its own brand, and the sequel made it better.

I myself am a sucker for Anime style ‘anything’! So I personally find this type of artwork really cool.

Not just that, developers have done a really good job in incorporating the cyber-punk feel into the game.

Alright, let’s get down to business

There were a lot of discussions regarding the pricing of this game, where the launch price was $1.99, which was an amazing deal, and great value considering the quality of the game.

The DLC though would cost you $9.99, which offers only one additional character with few extra songs.

And that doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense.

Maybe that is the pricing strategy the company opted for? Regardless of that, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Cytus II is a pretty solid game.



Final Thoughts

Cytus II is a fantastic game that defines the rhythm-based game genre, and its unusual pricing shouldn’t stop from buying this game.

It is a brilliantly constructed game and offers hours of finger tapping fun.

Even if you don’t take part in the story and decide to just enjoy the music, Cytus II is still a game you will thoroughly enjoy.

Note that your fingers will be burning quite a bit of calories with this one.

Download Cytus II for iOS and Andriod below: