Darkness Rises First Impressions, Play Through and Review – iOS & Android

Darkness Rises First Impressions, Play Through and Review – iOS & Android

We are thrilled to be reviewing this next generation RPG, Darkness Rises for iOS and Android, presented by Nexon.

Ok, Darkness Rises is pretty sick. It is a hack n’ slash game released a few months ago as a soft-launch beta and now is officially released.

Once again, this is a first impression review

So, let’s get on with it.


The Intro

Once you pass the intro screen, you would go through your setting and check your control layout and your frame and resolution settings.



We played Darkness Rises with all the settings maxed out, and we are happy to report that the game runs like a dream!

Usually playing a game of this caliber, the performance tends to suffer a little bit the longer you play, but that was not the case with Darkness Rises. Yes, the phone got a little hot but it did not affect the performance.


You get an option to choose your character.

In Darkness Rises you get four different characters you can choose from.

You have your Warrior which is similar to a Knight, the Wizard which is similar to a Mage, then the Berserker which is a common RPG character and then you have the Assassin.

Each character eventually can earn a different type of gear. And all these gear are absolutely stunning.

You customize your character any way you want. The game gives a lot of options.

For our play-through, we decided to go with the Berserker because, look at him!

Jumping into the game

You start the game right in the heat of battle which also acts as the tutorial, which was very cool.

We all know how bad and boring most tutorials are. The tutorial Darkness Rises is one of the best we have played. It’s an amazing introduction to the game.

You WILL be sold on the game after just playing the tutorial.

The combat and controls are very easy to pick up. The gameplay is super fluid and flows like a river.

The game gives you a lot of option for different types of moves you can right off the bat.

In addition to that, there is a ton of different skills you can activate.

On the right side of the screen, you will see different dials, and each represents a different skill you could do.

As you progress along the story you unlock different skills, and they unlock pretty quickly.

Skills like ‘invasion’ and the ability to take your enemies weapon, were particularly very cool. You can ride dragons and ogres, and use them as weapons.

Darkness Rises has you moving right through the map. You are not really navigating for extra items, it is pure ‘Hack n Slash’.

For a game on-the-go, it is pretty fun.

If you want to stream it, there are multiplayer modes which we will cover on the full review.

This is the first Boss Battle, and I enjoyed the c*** out of it.

The movement of the camera was very in tuned with the character and gameplay, and playing through it you definitely feel that Darkness Rises is a very polished title.

The game is very flashy and super impressive. The sense of impact is fantastic. The graphics are stunning. Everything is on-point.

I cannot think of a better game than this in this category.

So far things are looking pretty good, and we are excited to go through the entire game to really see what this game has to offer.

You can download Darkness Rises for iOS and Android below;