Darkness Rises for iOS and Android by Nexon, Almost Here! Release Date Announced

Darkness Rises for iOS and Android by Nexon, Almost Here! Release Date Announced

‘Darkness Rises’, the ambitious project by Nexon has been given an official release date, and it’s next week!

This impressive hack n’ slash RPG will be released on June 21st.

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Right, now there are so many RPGs available both on the App Store and the Play Store. So much so that you don’t even notice them anymore.

For years we have had ‘cookie cutter’ Action RPGs, where it all looked and played exactly the same.

Even Nexon has many RPGs in their catalog.

For some reason, Darkness Rises is standing out from the crowd, and for all the right reasons.

It looks spectacular, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Check out the amazing trailer for Darkness Rises below:

Let’s break down that trailer.

First of all, those monsters look absolutely amazing. From what we know, you have the ability to perform a “soul-link” which will give you control of the beast. Once linked you can do as you please with the monster including riding it.

Darkness Rises is also set to have online Co-Op which sounds amazing.

There was great feedback received from the people who tried out the soft launch, and that is what got us really excited for Darkness Rises.

What could make or break the game right now would be the monetization aspect, but as of right now, the stage is set for Darkness Rises to be an epic game.

Let’s all find out next week if Darkness Rises can live up to the expectations.

To pre-register, head over to the official website. There are pre-registration rewards which include, 50,000 Gold, 50 Keys, 5 Essence Chests and some other mission-related rewards.

Please be good!