Dead Island Survivors – First Impressions Review for iOS & Android

Dead Island Survivors – First Impressions Review for iOS & Android

We have Dead Island on our mobile phones; life is complete. Thank you Deep Silver!

As you can tell, we were very excited to get our hands on Dead Island Survivors and write about it. This is not a full review of the game, rather a first-impressions piece.

If you are a fan of the Dead Island franchise, then is definitely a game for you.

Let’s get right to it.

The first mission is called New Hope, and you play this funky pirate type character, who seems to be a lot of fun yet crazy dangerous.

You start off on a beach (duh!) with a massive ax in your hand.

You will instantly notice how clean and crisp the graphics are. There is sort of a comic-y feel to the graphics and it looks very polished.

First impression? Great!

The developers know that we just want to kill some zombies so, Dead Island Survivors puts you right in the middle of it.

The first action you need to do is to ‘kill a zombie’.

You will notice that there are no controls on the screen. Dead Island Survivors is taking a swipe, touch, interact approach to this game.

I didn’t know how I felt about it initially, but as the game progressed, it made sense.

In order to attack, you would need to tap on a zombie. Now, I was worried that taping is all I would have to do to kill zombies.

Thankfully that is not the case, there are special moves and swipe strikes to execute. Once you get used to it, you will be satisfied with it.

Warning; the zombies puke on you. And if you have played Left 4 Dead, you would know that if you get puked on, more zombies follow you.

The first chapter is pretty simple. It is basically an intro to the combat mechanics.

Chapter 2 

The second chapter revolves around a Ship that belongs to Xian Mei.

This is where the game introduces its tower defense elements. Yes, Deep Silver has added tower defense to Dead Island Survivors.

Which makes sense, and we liked it.

You will be asked to place traps around the perimeter.

You will have the option of Barricades & Auto-Turrets initially. All the other options are locked at this stage of the game.

The locked items include a Nailer, Cannon, Thrasher, Slicer, Crossbow, Cooler, Blazing Turrets, Artillery, Liquidator, Flamer, Shocker, Grab n’ Smash, and a Zapper.

Yes, that is a lot of options, and that is where IAP’s come into play, my friends.

Placing items are easy, you just have to drag and drop. Once you are done placing your defense items, you just tap on ‘Start the Action’ and you are ready to go.

Bring on them zombies!

Once you are done with the zombies, it is off to the next chapter.

Here, Dead Island Survivors introducers you to its looting system. It will get you to open a suitcase and go through its items.

Basically, once you successfully complete mission, you get suitcases with goodies.

The first suitcase gives you gems, a Flamer, and an Electric Fence. These items will be used for our barricades.

All these items have levels as well. The gems you collect can be used to upgrade items.

Inside the first suitcase, you will also find cash, which is again another currency used in the game.

That is first two chapters of Dead Island Survivors for you folks, and so far the game looks and feels like a winner.

User comments on Google Play and iTunes are also very good. That is good news indeed.

Whether you are a fan of Dead Island or not, you should give Dead Island Survivors a go.

It’s good : )

Download Dead Island Survivors for iOS and Android below;