Destiny Warfare First Impressions | For Android (Updated)

Destiny Warfare First Impressions | For Android (Updated)

Destiny Warfare for Android by Game Development Ltd is one of those games to watch out for in 2018.

The game will only be released for Android, however, we believe the iOS version will soon follow.

Destiny Warfare release date is still unknown. ( Game released on April 18th. Read the Full Review HERE )

This game is developed by a Russian company and honestly, no one really knows much about this game yet.

However, from what we at Mobile Game Hunter have seen so far, the game will knock the socks off your Android device.

So let’s look into what we know so far…

The plot – as we know it

Destiny Warfare is a science fiction first-person multiplayer shooter multiplayer, set in a world where humankind has experienced a decline in technology development, and amongst all these, there is an inter-planetary war going on.


Destiny Warfare for Android will be player vs player and there will be ranks of Pilot, Titan, and Tank.

Each of these classes is set to have its pros and cons. We are going to go ahead and say that “Tank” will have the most firepower, “Titan” will have speed and stealth, and the “Pilot” will have a spaceship?

The game promises to have a lot of cool weaponry, from assault rifles to plasma rifles to laser machine guns! As in the case of any game, these weapons will have their strengths and weaknesses.

The players we assume will set foot in quite a number of different planets in Destiny Warfare, and each planet will have different gravity levels which will affect jumping abilities and running speeds.

Looks a solid shooter

From the looks of it, Destiny Warfare remind me a lot of early Halo games, which is not a bad comparison at all!

The movements, the aiming and the shooting all seem very similar, and very console like.

The graphics seem crisp and very clean, and for a Beta version, it looks pretty polished.

This is why we are very excited about the finished product. The line between console and mobile is getting thinner every day.

And we love it!

Key features of the game so far

Fantastic graphics – 3D models and characters look nice and sharp

Optimization with weaker devices – The game has been optimized to support older and weaker devices., as you can adjust to suit your device. So that’s happy news for everyone 🙂

Easy controls – gameplay controls are pretty standard and very intuitive. It won’t take long for you get used to the controls

Final thoughts

For a game that is still in the Beta stage, the game is pretty awesome.

There are few bugs here and there, and we’ve had tiny issues with the controls not being responsive sometimes but that is all expected. Overall we can’t wait to get our hands on Destiny Warfare.

The release date is not announced yet, so we will be on the lookout for any news that pops up regarding Destiny Warfare.

And of course, we will keep our fans informed 🙂