Dice Brawl: Captains League” Review for Android and iOS

Dice Brawl: Captains League” Review for Android and iOS

Dice Brawl is another really good “Gacha Game”, and it has got a lot of the feel-good characteristic you would expect out of one of these games.

The guys behind Dice Brawl is Idiocracy Inc, and the studio has hit the nail right on the head with this one.

Based on our experience with the game so far, Dice Brawl: Captains League for Android and iOS is ready to compete with the best of them in its category.

The game features the traditional tabletop style with interesting gameplay mechanics, which takes the game from good to something special.

Aye Matey!

The premise of the game is simple; you will want to build the strongest deck possible, where you will beat your opponent in an 8 round battle.

Your main objective is to kill the captain, and just like in a chess match, you get the king, you win the game.

These decks consist of five crew member cards, one ship and of course the captain.

Each of these cards has special effects which can be used once per game, and the strength of these cards get better as you rank up.

Unlike a game of chess though, you don’t necessarily have to kill the main guy to win the game.

Even if the captain is alive at the end of 8 rounds, whoever has the most fortresses will win the match.


Why is it good?

The best thing about Dice Brawl: Captains League is that there is so much more to it than what you see on the surface.

You can, by all means, have tons of fun by learning just the basics; however, you can take your game to the next level by learning few tricks.

For example, you can increase your power, by increasing the hit points on the captain.

Ranking up the cards you have is very expensive, however, this mostly results in increasing your life capacity, which is also very important early on in the game, where you don’t have too many hit points.


The Dice Roll

The mechanics behind the dice roll is also interesting, as I never really was able to put my finger on it.

You can choose to hold it for awhile and then roll or just roll it instantly.

Not really sure if that has an effect on the roll you get but, but it does seem to give you some control.

Not very Big

Compared to the games that come out in the recent past, Dice Brawl: Captains League is a tiny game in terms of size (250mb), however, it performs quite well on devices, yet we did come across a little bit of a lag because it needs an internet connection to run.

A plus point for Dice Brawl is its graphics. The animation is goofy and fun, and it really has a big impact on the game.

Initial impressions are not that great, but the more time you spend with it, the more it grows on you.


Dice Brawl: Captains League features an in-game shop, where you can purchase coin and gem packs, and special dice that give you ‘more control’.

The game really opens up after you have mastered the elements, you can work on increasing your ranking, build a better and stronger deck etc…

You can do these by collecting resources from within the game or you can, of course, spend a few dollars and take shortcuts, if you got the dough.

This, you will love

One annoying factor with these kinds of games are the real life timers, that stops your progress, and makes you wait.

With Dice Brawl: Captains League, the developers have completely taken this off, and you can open all the chests you want using the badges that you win from games.

This we believe is probably the biggest selling point of this game.

Final Thoughts

Dice Brawl: Captains League has a lot of things working for the game; especially the deck building and the progression rate.

Still, what really shines about this game is its gameplay and the randomness of the game. In that sense, the developers have done a pretty amazing job with this one.

Even though there are more established games that offer the same kind of experience in this genre, Dice Brawl:

Captains League sure is the best pirate themed board game we have tried in a long time.

We suggest you give it a go. Download Dice Brawl: Captains League below: