The Brilliant DONUT COUNTY Review For iOS

The Brilliant DONUT COUNTY Review For iOS

Donut County Review for iOS. 

Donut County is a game about putting things in a hole. There is nothing but the hole to consider. The hole must be fed.

It is a silly concept and an incredibly simple gameplay mechanic. But, through the addition of some cleaver micro mechanics and killer sound track, and a charmingly bizarre story, Donut County is also one of the finest puzzle games of the year.


The Game

You control the hole by dragging it around the screen with your finger or thumb. Once everything on screen has been gobbled up by the hole, you move on to the next screen or level.

Simple as that.


Your hole starts out quite small and gets bigger as you drop things in. At the start of each level you will be picking up small bits of paper or donuts before building up to bigger items like mopeds, sheds, and even people’s houses.

There is more to Donut County than consuming everything on site though.

Drop fire in for example and your hole will start spearing out flames and hot air which can then be used to raise hot air balloons, set fire to trees, and so on.


Later on, you will unlock the ability to launch certain objects out of the hole, which vastly increases the variety of the puzzles you will encounter. Like firing eggs switches or frogs at bees?

Donut County is all loosely held together by a ridiculous story, which we wouldn’t spoil in the slightest.

Just know that its script is brilliantly silly, and its more like a conversation on Twitter than people speaking in the real world.

The soundtrack is also great, all gentle guitars, funky hip hop beats, and other relaxing sounds which add to the charming, chilled out atmosphere.


There are no time limits or fail states. You are encouraged to experiment and play around with everything you see. And Donut County is designed in such a way that you will never feel confused or overwhelmed by the tasks a hand.

Even when there are no clear instructions on how to complete them.

Donut County doesn’t out stay its welcome either, you will easily finish the whole thing in just a few hours. And you will be grinning from ear to ear every minute you are playing.


Final Thoughts

Donut County achieves a rare thing. Smashing together disparate elements, smart gameplay, simple controls, a ridiculous storyline, a gorgeous soundtrack, creating a masterpiece of an easy-going puzzler.

If you are looking for something with tons of depth and hours of hours of gameplay you won’t find it here. What you will find is a game that is as clever as it is ridiculous, and an experience that will stay with you long after the credits roll.


Download Donut County for iOS below: