DRAGALIA LOST Now Available on iOS and Android

DRAGALIA LOST Now Available on iOS and Android

Dragalia Lost on iOS and Android 

Dragalia Lost, which went up for pre-orders on the App Store and Play Store a while ago is now fully playable with its servers going live.

If you haven’t heard about Dragalia Lost, it is a fully mobile exclusive mobile RPG from Cygames and Nintendo.

We really want this game to do well, as that will give Cygames incentive to launch the incredible Granblue Fantasy outside Japan.

There are loads of hooks and social aspects you can play within Dragalia Lost which also includes Dragon morphing.

The game is swipe controlled which we like, and we also know that Dragalia Lost will have 8-4 play in its localization which is fantastic.

Japanese games have a good history of localization when it comes to releases in the west. Check out part 2 of ‘The history of Alberia’ trailer and get ready for some Dragalia Lost!

Dragalia Lost is a full free-to-play social RPG in its truest form and that is why we are excited for this. We believe this strategy will work better than a ‘pay once to unlock’ game like Super Mario Run.

It’s not just what we think, it’s what the numbers tell us. Fire Emblem Heroes, which is a free-to-play just  like Dragalia Lost, is absolutely making a killing in terms of revenue, blowing past its competition like Super Mario Run.

Below is a recent report from Sense Tower.

(Source: https://sensortower.com/blog/fire-emblem-heroes-revenue-400-million)

As you can see, this is a clear message from the mobile game market telling developers what works. That is why we think Dragalia Lost is going to do really well.

P.S. expect to do download a lot of data from within the game if you are on Android.

Download Dragalia Lost for iOS and Android below;