DRAGALIA LOST Halloween Event ‘Trick or Treasure’

DRAGALIA LOST Halloween Event ‘Trick or Treasure’

Dragalia Lost ‘Trick or Treasure’ event on iOS and Android.

Loyalty’s Requiem raid event was the first event on Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost. If you missed it then you surely don’t want to miss the next event.

Nintendo and Cygames have just announced its plans for another Dragalia Lost event with the beginning of the new week, however, before getting to the Halloween event, Loyalty’s Requiem event’s epilogue is now available.

For this, though you need to have completed up to Chapter 5 of the story if you want to view the epilogue. You will have time until 2 AM October (ET) to get this done.

Also, be very careful about trying to cheat in Dragalia Lost. Cygames and Nintendo are very serious about this and have taken anti-cheating measures to solve these issues.

Players who are found cheating will be banned from the game and lose all data. This includes Diamantium as well.

The Dragalia Lost Halloween event is called the Trick or Treasure event and the developers have not released any actual details of it as of yet. However, we do know that you will be taking on bosses of the shadow element in the event.

In order to be eligible for the Dragalia Lost Trick and Treasure event, you need to have completed part 2-1 in Chapter 2, which will also include multiplayer. The event will begin on October 17th 2 AM (ET).

If you are new to Dragalia Lost (FREE) we strongly suggest you check it out as it was one of the biggest releases of the year. For more info check out our Dragalia Lost review for iOS and Android.