Nintendo’s DRAGALIA LOST Review for iOS and Android

Nintendo’s DRAGALIA LOST Review for iOS and Android

Dragalia Lost iOS and Android review. 

If you were one of the people in the Dragalia Lost ‘pre-order squad’ then you already know how awesome the latest offering from Nintendo is. For everyone else, Dragalia Lost is the first non-franchise iOS and Android game by Nintendo.

The game super smart, taking very little chances and sticking to a proven formula, and lies somewhere between Fire Emblem Heroes and Super Mario Run (Two of the most successful games in the mobile platform financially)

So, is this really something we need to be concerned about? Well, we don’t think so. As long as we are getting a quality product, that is all we care about. Let’s get into Dragalia Lost in more detail in the review below.

Dragalia Lost

The best way to describe Dragalia Lost is to call it a social RPG. Now, this is nothing new in mobile games, and this same formula is being used by so many developers because it works.

When you think of Nintendo on mobile, you might be thinking of console-like experience, however, that is not the case and in all honesty, we do not have a problem with it.

Basically, a social RPG is a free to play game that uses a gacha style system of rarity and power, with energy systems and daily quests. And as you would find in most of free-to-play’s there will features like be login bonuses and co-op friend play system.

This is exactly what you would experience on Dragalia Lost, and as mentioned earlier, if you are looking for a console-like experience, you will not find it here.

If you have played games like Puzzle and Dragon you would know exactly what we are talking about, and the combat system reminded us a lot of Battleheart, which is another game we loved.

In Dragalia Lost you will be playing a prince named Euden, who is charismatic, strong and brave. If you have played a social RPG’s before you would agree when I say that, one of the weakest points in these types of games are its characters and the boring story. That is not the case in Dragalia Lost.In fact, it is one of the strongest points of the game. The story pieces and the little bits of humor here and there are very refreshing.

The combat in Dragalia Lost is extremely enjoyable. it features big action sequences where every character has the ability to turn into a dragon and spew out massive fiery explosions. Controls are simple and effective. At a given time you will only be controlling one character and the special abilities have a long cooldown period.

You will not find yourself blindly tapping away every attack key on screen, rather you will be more precise in what you are doing, and also the game forces you be smart with your attacks where dodging is an important part of combat. This makes you wait for the exact right moment to land the killing blow.

One of the biggest talking points of Dragalia Lost is Nintendo’s adoption a gacha style free-to-play format which is not usually associated with the popular video game maker. It is safe to assume that the success of Fire Emblem Heroes influenced this decision where the game is crushing its competition financially, including Nintendo’s pay-once-to-unlock Super Mario Run. Well, it is safe to say that this strategy is working so far as Dragalia Lost has $3.5 million in just 5 days.


Final Thoughts

We love playing Dragalia Lost. It can safely be said that when it comes to social RPG’s on mobile, Dragalia Lost is right on top. We have been playing the game since its release and there is nothing negative to say about the game yet. The gameplay, the graphics, the story, the characters, the controls, everything is on point. Dragalia Lost truly is a diamond of a game and it shines through.