The Ultimate Dragon Ball Legends Guide “Tips & Tricks” for iOS & Android

The Ultimate Dragon Ball Legends Guide “Tips & Tricks” for iOS & Android

One thing we love about Bandai Namco is that they always manage to keep their content new and fresh.  Dragon Ball Legends for Android and iOS does exactly that in keeping this long-running Mega Manga Series sizzling.

Dragon Ball Legends is in no way revolutionary as the game is basically about all the super powerful characters from the Manga fighting each other.  This is not a negative; in fact, this is what makes this game refreshing.

There have been other games from the Dragon Ball series focusing more on the characters and the stories. Dragon Ball Legends is the first game that is just about the characters beating the cr*p out of each other with moves that look super impressive on the screen.

You can categorize Dragon Ball Legends as a full on fighting game but with elements of a card based game.

Getting a hold of the baddest characters on Dragon Ball Legends requires both hard work and luck. However, with time you can turn your characters into very powerful fighters, and you can do this without spending a dime.

Before we get to that, let’s look at how you can master fighting in Dragon Ball Legends.


Dragon Ball Legends Combat and Fighting Basics

The idea behind battles in Dragon Ball Legends is simple. You need to outmaneuver your opponents in battle and reduce their health to zero before they do yours.

In order to master combat in Dragon Ball Legends, you will need to learn how to correctly time your taps, swipes and the use of cards.

If you swipe towards an enemy, it would close the distance to melee range, swiping away would be to back up.

Once you are close enough to your opponent you can tap on the screen repeatedly for kicks and punches. When you are further away, you can launch ‘Ki blasts’.

You can’t block attacks in Dragon Ball Legends, but you can perform a ‘vanishing step’. You can do this by swiping left or right at the right moment when your opponent is coming towards you. This will leave your enemy punching nothing but thin air.

Note that you cannot use this move over and over again, as there is a cooling period before you can use it again after you have used it a few times.

Each character’s special ability button will flash when it’s ready to use. You will see this option just below the portraits. Just tap it when it is ready.


The Use of Art Cards

This is an important skill to learn; When and how to use them.

Time them correctly and your opponent cannot avoid these special attacks. These melee attacks or projectiles will have a much greater impact than your regular attacks, which is why you need to use them wisely.

These Art Cards are obviously powered by your Ki, which refills when you are moving around. To make it move faster, you can hold down on the screen. However, this will leave you vulnerable to attacks.

One very cool thing you can do with Art Cards is to activate a ‘Rising Rush’. What this does is that it combines all three of your fighters for one huuuuge blast. If the card you select is different to the one selected by your opponent, then it hits twice as hard. Very ‘Dragon Ball’ indeed.

The combat in Dragon Ball Legends is the same whether you play PvP or the Solo Mode. We found that playing with another human player is a lot tougher than playing with the computer.

Regardless of that, Dragon Ball Legends is a lot of fun either way.


How Can You Get Better Fighters for Free?

Like most of the games out there today, Dragon Ball Legends also uses shards to unlock characters. These shards are called Z power.

In order to find/use the summon feature you will want to go to the main menu and tap on the summon button.

If you have played anime games by Bandai Namco before, you will find it easy to navigate around this feature.

So how this works is that each summons will give you a ‘Random’ amount of Z power for each fighter. And there are three types, Normal, Event and Features Summons which is active at different times, and each of them has their separate lists of characters.

Even though these summons give you Z Power to unlock characters, you don’t really know whether it will be for a character you already have.

If that is the case, your character’s powers will duplicate.

Every character can reach the maximum rank. So if you have a character that you like but is not the strongest, keep him or her around because eventually, they will be.

The rarity system in Dragon Ball Legends is also a little different. At launch, you will find ‘Hero’ which starts at zero stars, then ‘Extreme’ which is one star, then ‘Sparking’ which is 2 stars.

There will be more rarities later but you will have to settle for these three for now.

You can purchase Summons using Chrono Crystals, which is Dragon Ball Legends’ premium currency.

These can obviously be purchased using real money but where is the fun in that?


So let’s look at how to get Chrono Crystals for FREE

Dragon Ball Legends is pretty generous when it comes to giving you ways to earn Chrono Crystals. However, there is a catch. It takes a long time to save up because it takes 1000 Chrono Crystals for 10 pulls at a Summon.

Still, you if you persist, you can win.

Here are the ways in Dragon Ball Legends where you can earn Chrono Crystals.

Play Dragon Ball Legends daily!

The game lets you pick your reward everytime you log in. That’s pretty cool. After receiving your loot for the day, you get to pick what kind of reward you want for the next day. And of course, Chrono Crystals is one of those rewards. The game only gives you 10 of these which is not a lot but they do add up.

Take-part in the current PVP season

Your goal here is to achieve a higher season-end ranking. The more rewards you receive the higher up you finish in the rankings. And Chrono Crystals are among these rewards.  If you end up being number one (which is a very cute dream to have) you will receive enough Crystals for 10 summons! You also receive rewards for every fight, just for participating.

Completing challenges in story mode

Apart from just winning a fight, you also get a series of challenges to complete. These things make the fights more interesting. It is not only fun to do these but you also get rewarded. And yes, with Chrono Crystals too. These challenges include things like using special skills and landing the first punch, etc…

Leveling up and completing missions.

You see this in a lot of mobile games. Rewards for leveling up your character. Dragon Ball Legends is doing the same.  You also get rewards for completing missions, as in doing everything you need to do. To find out all that you need to do on a mission, just tap on the ‘Details’ button.


There you have it, folks! Let’s play some Dragon Ball Legends now!

Download Dragon Ball Legends for Android and iOS below;