Dungeon Hunter Champions Guide for iOS & Andriod– Essential Tips, Cheats and Hacks

Dungeon Hunter Champions Guide for iOS & Andriod– Essential Tips, Cheats and Hacks

Dungeon Hunter Champions has been gathering quite the following these days.

The game has successfully married classic solo-play RPG with 5v5 PvP combat.

As you know with any Free-to-play title, there comes a point when it becomes too difficult to continue without making a purchase. Dungeon Hunter Champions is no different.

The main purpose of this guide is to show you a way to play the game for free, for as long as possible.

Without further ado. Here’s our Dungeon Hunter Champions guide to playing the game for free (For as long as possible 🙂 )

A Brief Introduction to Dungeon Hunter Champions

Ok, without revealing too much, Dungeon Hunter Champions mainly revolves around you collecting a group of characters called “Champions”.

Each of these champions has their own sets of skills and attacks. These are rated using a star system based on rarity.

The rarest champions will start with very powerful baseline stats. So for example, even if you make many improvements to a 3 start champion, a 5 star champion will always be stronger and better.

 These champions come with five ‘elemental affinities;


Fire, Water, Nature, Light, and Dark

Light and Dark does not have any effect on the other three elements, however, has offensive advantages over each other. In other words, they counter each other.

The other three elements are like a game of rock, paper, scissors.

Water beats fire, fire beats nature, nature beats water.

The champions can also be separated based on roles. These are;

Marksman, Support, Assassin, Fighter, and Tank.

I don’t believe I have to explain what these roles are.

So moving on!

How to get the most out of Dungeon Hunter Champions

The most common way is through Summons

You will find this option in the Navigation Bar at the bottom, the third option from the left. Here you will see champions from different rarities.

The summons have 3 different types as well

  • Legendary: 4 to 5 stars
  • Rare: 3 to 5 stars
  • Common: 1 to 3 stars

 This is a one area Dungeon Hunter Champions will get you to spend some money.


Summon Discs can be earned through in-game rewards, and they can also be purchased using gems, which is the premium currency of the game.

Apart from the three standard summons mentioned earlier, there is also a ‘rotating summons’ for 100 gems. This gives you a higher chance for a 5 star champion.

Dungeon Hunter Champions lets you earn XP in whatever mode you are in, which is one cool thing about the game. Also, the champions level up on their own, which is also neat.

TIP: You can speed up the leveling process by only leveling up the champions you want by using the “Train” button.

BONUS TIP: When the game gives you recommendations for new champions you have (1 to 2 star), and advises with “Food”, you can go ahead and use that to train the other champions.

In order to promote a champion to the next level of rarity, you will need to sacrifice the same number of champions as its current rarity.

3 star Champion needs 3 stars to promote

4 star Champion needs 4 stars to promote

2 more ways to improve your champions

  1. Gear – Outfitting your champion with better gear will obviously make your champion more powerful. Each champ has 6 gear slots, and you can get additional set bonuses by using two or more gear pieces with the same icon.
  2. Elixirs – Special elixirs won from Boss Raids can give your champion a stat boost and also give it a cosmetic upgrade. These elixirs will not improve the rarity, but it will help improve your champion.

How to Get Free Gems

Alright, so we came across 3 ways to get free gems in 3 Dungeon Hunter Champions.

Way no.1

Watch videos – This is the easiest way to earn some free goodies. Tap on the “Free Rewards” button, which is located on the right side of the main screen or go to the shop and tap on the “Free” button.

Use these free videos to maximize your gems. Make sure to always go for the premium currency.

You will also be offered to watch a video at the end of a match. Use them!

Way no. 2

Complete daily quests and achievements – Sometimes completing Q’s & A ’s will give you gems as rewards. You can find  Q’s & A ’s in the ‘Missions’ menu.

These quests and achievements are two different things. You get daily updates for Quests, wherein Achievements are a collection of goals you need to work towards.

Note: Completing daily quests will get you extra gems and also XP.

Way no. 3

Compete in the Arena – An arena match is where you battle against a defense squad with your own team of 4 champions. This other team is controlled by the AI but picked by the player.

Here the play is divided into sessions, and you get rewarded at the end of every session.

There are always gems up for grabs here.

Gameloft has also given away free gems in the past for downtime or when the game gets buggy. You can’t always depend on this gem stream but, make sure you check your inbox now and then.

How to play Dungeon Hunter Champions for free

You will eventually come to a point where you will have to spend a few bucks. But if you want to play the game for free for as long as possible, this is what you have to do.

Let’s get to it

As you know, Dungeon Hunter Champions has a duel-tier energy system. This is to limit the number of PvP or solo matches you can play in one session.

However, this is not as restrictive as some of the other games in the genre.


Now, what you need to know is that these energies work together.

In order to increase a certain energy, you have to play the other. For example, to increase your solo energy, you can finish any arena challenge, quest or match.

Other ways;

You can get energy by watching free videos but a video will only get you only 1 point. So it’s not the best use of your time.

Another option is to check your inbox every now and then since you get solo energy every eight hours or so.

Introduction to the Arena and 5v5

PvP in Dungeon Hunter Champions is so good that it really deserves a guide of its own. But for now, let’s just quickly go through all the modes.


The Arena is pretty simple and straightforward. These are best of 3 fights with a defense team chosen by a player (human)

You will always have the option of 10 opponents to choose from. Obviously, the smart move here is to choose the weakest team.

And if you don’t see an opponent you can take on, all you have to do wait till the list refreshes. Something will eventually come up which you fancy taking on.

Then go for it!


5v5 mode – Full on MOBA

This is where the game shines. As usual, both teams will be placed on the opposite sides of the map and the objective is to destroy the main crystal which belongs to the other team.

And as you would expect from any classic MOBA, the pathways are full of nasty things like turrets.

You will not have access to all your champions in 5v5, as only the ones with the ‘crossed swords’ icon can be used.

If you ask me why this is? I would have to say that maybe it is easier on the game to control lesser characters?

That may be it, but I’m not sure.



Dungeon Hunter Champions has a guide in the game itself, which covers a lot of areas you might have questions with. To access this, go to the navigation bar at the bottom, tap on ‘missions’, then ‘guide’.

It is a pretty thorough guide which will help you get the best out of the game.

Congratulations for making it to the end of this guide. Now go kick some ass!

Download Dungeon Hunter Champions below;