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DURANGO: Wild Lands – Dino Themed MMO now Available on iOS and Android

Nexon released dinosaur themed MMO Durango: Wild Lands (Free) in Korea some time back and it had 2.5 million pre-enrollments in front of its dispatch. 2019 feels like the time of MMOs on versatile with handfuls getting declared each month.

I’ve lost tally of what number of messages I’ve gotten about MMOs on versatile over the most recent couple of weeks. Today, Nexon has launched Durango: Wild Lands for iOS and Android worldwide on Google Play and the App Store. Watch the dispatch trailer for it beneath:

In the event that you’ve missed our inclusion of it, it has had an incredible beta test before observing a couple of discharge window changes. Durango’s open world is loaded with dinosaurs and threat and your point is to endure and investigate. Players can go along with others in tribes to cooperate to bring down the dinosaurs in Raid Islands. PvP is just around the corner.

On the off chance that you’ve been hanging tight for the worldwide dispatch, download Durango: Wild Lands on the App Store here and Google Play here. The extension appears to be insane and I’m downloading it now. It will enthusiasm perceiving how this advances with post dispatch refreshes. Look at our gathering string for the amusement here for more discourse.