Escape from Chernobyl Release Date and More! | iOS and Android

Escape from Chernobyl Release Date and More! | iOS and Android

Escape from Chernobyl for iOS and Android by Atypical Games is their follow-up to the immensely successful game ‘Radiation Island’ and its sequel ‘Radiation City’.

Escape from Chernobyl release date is set for August 9th, and anyone who is interested in the events of Chernobyl should be excited about this one. I know I am.


Chernobyl 1986

Those of us who were around in those times might remember the events of Chernobyl very vividly. I myself remember seeing the event in the news, and it was a big deal.

However, I personally didn’t pay much attention to it until Call of Duty 4 came out. I found it fascinating wandering around the digital representation of the Chernobyl power plant, exploring the wasteland.

So the story goes that, after the explosion at the nuclear power plant, the Ukraine government started evacuating the city. However, this was supposed to be a temporary evacuation.

The people who lived there, nearly 50,000, left all their belongings where they were thinking the same, not knowing they will never return to their homes.

The city of Chernobyl was left just as it was for over 3 decades.


Escape From Chernobyl

This is why I am interested in this game, because the story is so interesting. From what we know, Escape from Chernobyl is set to be an open-world survival horror that takes place in the nuclear power plant at Chernobyl.

An authentic recreation of the complex, we are told.

As per the developers’ Atypical Games, “Escape from Chernobyl is much more then a survival-horror game, it’s our way to open up one of the most mysterious and dangerous places on the planet. We’ve carefully recreated the reactor buildings and chambers and then added our own touch of a sci-fi story and enough darkness to give you the chills.”

Check out the trailer for Escape from Chernobyl below;

It will be quite an experience exploring the famous nuclear power plant killing zombies. As per developers, at the start, Escape from Chernobyl will be more liner in order to guide the players and ease them into the game.

Later, Escape from Chernobyl will open itself up to be the open-world sandbox game it promises to be. Just like ‘Radiation Island’ and ‘Radiation City’.

All the buildings you will come across in the game will have interiors and will be open for exploration. The developers have also tried their best to recreate them as close to the real buildings in the city.

Escape from Chernobyl is set to have a “noise-based stealth system” embedded into the game. Which means you will have to take extra caution when busting through doors. Unless you want to wake up the monsters.

‘Radiation Island’ and ‘Radiation City’ were great games but they have their flaws. From first impressions, Escape from Chernobyl looks to better its predecessors.

We at Mobile Game Hunter cannot wait to get our hand on this cracker of a game when it comes out August 9th.