Euclidean Skies iOS Release date, News, and More!

Euclidean Skies iOS Release date, News, and More!

Euclidean Skies iOS Release date

Remember the brilliant puzzler Euclidean land from last year? Well, it’s got a sequel and it is called Euclidean Skies.

Euclidean Skies is set to release on October 25th for the iOS platform. Read the Review here. 

A little bit of history on the first game Euclidean Land; this game took a long time to see the light of day, releasing after 3 of years of it first being announced.

The game was created by Kunabi Bother, two-time Apple Design award winner and an architecture student Miro Straka. You may know the developer Kunabi Brother from games such as Frost and Blek.

The first game Euclidean Lands was made available in March last year and was described as an ‘isometric architectural puzzler’. In other words, it’s putting together a game like Monument Valley with the turn-based strategy of Dues Ex GO.

Check out the first teaser trailer for Euclidean Skies:

Damn! Doesn’t it look stunning… This is what the developers had to say about Euclidean Skies;

“In the original game the levels were based on a system that requires symmetry. Like a Rubik’s Cube, many options were presented to the player, but the silhouette of the structure would remain constant. In Euclidean Skies, the puzzles can be ‘unfolded’ and reshaped further and further from the initial silhouette on the player’s journey to the solution. Now each level offers multiple solutions and each player’s unique path of discovery is visible in the castles.”

Sounds pretty amazing. Euclidean Skies will be available to download on the 25th of October for $4.99. However, if you pre-order the game now you can get a 40% discount and get it for just $2.99.

Pre-Order Euclidean Skies for iOS below: