Out of this World – EUCLIDEAN SKIES | iOS Review

Out of this World – EUCLIDEAN SKIES | iOS Review

Euclidean Skies review for iOS

If you have played Euclidean Lands, you know that it is a game that understands space. And as players, we were able to manipulate that space in really cool ways. The puzzles were always deceiving, and it never was as easy as it looked at first glance. Up was down, down was up, basic physics were out the window.

Naturally, we were more than excited when the sequel, Euclidean Skies were announced. We were promised a bigger and better game with the sequel, so it caught our attention, and we were eager to find out if Euclidean Skies lived up to the hype.

More often than not, sequels always struggle to live up to their predecessor, especially if the predecessor was almost perfect. So, can Euclidean Skies better a game that was almost perfect? Let’s find out.

Euclidean Skies

You will instantly notice that the graphics have received an upgrade. The colors are gorgeous, the designs are just pure art. There are massive skeleton creatures looming over structures which looks amazing.

Make sure you check out the AR mode too as it looks so super impressive, and it is much more than just a gimmick as it allows you to see more details which help you beat levels. You can walk around the structure to get a better view of things.

From the first level, you will start to notice new additions to Euclidean Skies. The most obvious is, how big the game feels compared to the first one. Euclidean Lands had small levels that were sort of self-explanatory, wherein with Euclidean Skies everything feels grander and premium.

By big, we mean that there is simply more to do. More Blocks to move. In the original, you had to twist around blocks, and in Euclidean Skies it’s more complex than that. The blocks you move can latch on to other planes. So, when you move them again, it will be different.

The tutorials are nice and short. There will be a guide earlier on to tell you what to do but he soon disappears. Then it is up to you to figure things out and trust me there is a lot to figure out.

Taking out enemies in Euclidean Skies is a lot of fun. Sometimes you just move some blocks around so your enemy gets crushed by the structure. But there are the smarter ones, who will simply move out of the way. Then it’s up to you to be creative.

You can directly attack guards too. Facing them head-on might get you killed. So you need to move some blocks around so you can sneak up on them and finish them off. You can attack on different planes as well. This is where you need to use your smarts.

Euclidean Skies is not all blue skies though. Sometimes you feel like you are getting through by simply trial and error. Sometimes you are even not sure how you got through. The game sometimes lacks that triumphant feeling that you get when you finally solve a puzzle.

Playing on a smaller screen can be a little difficult sometimes. You are much better off going into AR mode. This is not a major issue really, but you are left a little frustrated at times because you just want Euclidean Skies to be amazing.

So, is Euclidean Skies a worthy sequel to Euclidean Lands. Simple answer, yes. Euclidean Skies feels bigger and better, and when it gets things right, the game is absolutely amazing. Still, there are those problems mentioned earlier.

When it comes to a game like Euclidean Skies, you want to always be in control. There were times when I figured out what to do but accidentally tapped on the wrong block and all my work was undone. Maybe this is not a problem for everyone or maybe my fingers are just too fat. Still, it is not a good feeling.

Final Thoughts

Should you try Euclidean Skies? Oh, absolutely. When the game is in its stride, it is brilliant, and there are some amazing moments in it. Shame about those little errors, if not it would have been a perfect game.

Euclidean Skies is highly recommended and we don’t think anyone would say not to check it out it. So check it out below: