EVERGARDEN Review for iOS – Elegant & Graceful

EVERGARDEN Review for iOS – Elegant & Graceful


It is difficult to bottle feelings into a video game. Even in a box standard shooter, it still requires talent, precision, and a deep understanding of play on behalf of the developer, to make a headshot feel satisfying.

Some feelings are difficult to conjure than others though. One of those is Enchantment.

To be stolen away and ruptured entirely by the digital world presented to you, and to feel the desire to search out every nook and cranny of this strange new place.  Not only does Evergarden create a seemingly effortless sense of enchantment, it does so with one of the most static and un-inspiring genres on the App Store.

Evergarden takes ideas from a number of different sources, then weaves plenty of its own into the mix to ensure you are never too familiar with it and never too sure what is going to come next.



Essentially combining plants in a hexagonal garden. You are playing on a grid at the start of the first turn there will be a few small saplings here and there.

You got two moves that you can make. You can either drag adjacent plants together to joining them into one bigger plant or you can simply pull the head of the plant into an empty space which will then grow into another sapling.

A button at the top right of the screen ends your turn which then speeds up time, allowing the seeds to grow.

Then you start another turn, match more plants, and plant more seeds.

When you start out, that is going to be your main focus. Combining different plants together, seeing what different kinds of breeds you can create.


Things Change

But then things start to change. You will be given different shapes that you will have to make. Patterns of different plants and different alignments.

Generate these shapes and you will not only wind up with more points but also bonus plants.

Crossbreed enough plants together, and you wind up with a triangular totem. Which you can then use to unlock songs which have an impact on gameplay.

Now we could go deeper into the minutiae of how all these happen but this is a game that thrives on player discovery.

Even within the gridded boarders of the puzzles, there is exploration to do, and we don’t want to ruin all of that before you play. And trust me you should play.

Final Thoughts

It is in the discovery that Evergarden makes its enchantment. It is in the groves and the songs, in the pillars and the matches, in the story that slowly shifts into a shape that you can understand.

There is no hand-holding at all but Evergarden doesn’t need any.

As you figure out what you are supposed to be doing, and learn new and interesting ways to do these things, you will feel like a stranger in a world that was built just for you.

And that feeling is worth cherishing and chasing.


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