All New FAST & FURIOUS TAKEDOWN Coming to iOS and Android

All New FAST & FURIOUS TAKEDOWN Coming to iOS and Android

Fast & Furious Takedown for iOS and Android

Ladies and gents, we are getting a brand new Fast & Furious mobile game straight from Universal Games. For this, Universal is teaming up with the guys who brought us Thumb Drift, SMG Studios, and if you have a look at the trailer for Fast & Furious Takedown, it basically looks like a Thum drift game in a Fast & Furious skin.

The game is set to feature cars from the movie franchise including Shaw’s flip car and Dom’s Charger. But I just really want to get my hands on Brian’s GTR, Oh Yeah! Fast & Furious Takedown will include more than 60 licensed cars along with characters from the movie.

Check out the announcement trailer for Fast & Furious Takedown below:

Fast & Furious Takedown will also include multiplayer via a versus league in addition to chopper pursuits, stunts and more.

Yes, the game will include a lot of stuff from the movies for the fans, but the key highlight here is the thumb drift mechanic which a big part of the game. To be honest, we were expecting a more Asphalt kind of game.

Still, if you like the look of the game or you are a huge fan of the franchise, Fast & Furious Takedown is now available for pre-registration on the official website, with new rewards and unlockables available.

Fast & Furious Takedown is set to launch pretty soon on iOS and Android.