2018’s Favorite Gaming Controllers For Android, iOS and Windows Devices

2018’s Favorite Gaming Controllers For Android, iOS and Windows Devices

What are the best gaming controllers for Android and iOS and Windows (PC) devices in 2018?

There are many to choose from, and we know that you want to make the best possible choice and not end up buying something you hate or gives you headaches.

That is why we looked around the market for the best 5 mobile gaming controllers, and the below is what we came up with (In no particular order).


GameSir G4s Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Controller – Andriod, Windows 


GameSir G4s is a wireless controller that offers users a great amount of flexibility.

From supporting Bluetooth to 245GHz wireless, to a range of customization, the GameSir G4s is certainly the ultimate mobile gaming controller.

Inside the box you will find the controller, a USB charging cable, the warranty card and an instructions manual. The wireless adapter is placed within the controller so you don’t lose it.

The design of the GameSir G4s looks a lot like the Xbox One controller, it’s very stylish with a silver and black color palette, with glossy buttons.

The controller has a good amount of weight to it and feels very solid. It fits comfortably in your hands, and everything feels in place when you pick it up.

The GameSir G4s has all the buttons you would expect from a modern controller, if you are familiar with the Xbox controller layout, you would feel right at home.

The smartphone holder is integrated into the unit, with the turbo button hidden underneath.

The holder holds your phone pretty well, although if you are using a bulky phone case, you might have to remove it, or not, it really depends on the phone and the case.

I had to fidget around with my Galaxy S7 a little bit.

There are battery status indicator lights on the face of the unit, a micro USB port on the top, which charges the device also connects the controller to your PC.


How does it work?

The GameSir G4s supports Android and Windows through a number of modes. You can connect the device through Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz wireless through the wireless adapter or via the wired USB connection.

The controller supports X-input which is for modern games and D-input for PC games, which not a lot of devices can do.

There is also a  mouse mode where you can point-and-click without taking the mouse off the controller. The controller also lets you adjust the brightness of the LED on the device and the level of vibration.

Modern X-input games automatically detect and maps out the buttons for the device, for older D-input games though you will need to manually map the buttons.

On mobiles phones, the device works like a charm. It is very responsive and easy to use. What’s best about the GameSir G4s is how easy it easy it is to move between platforms.

This eliminates the need to have a separate controller for separate platforms. The controller also feels great in your hands and matches the quality of controllers put out by Microsoft and Sony.

GameSir G4s is certainly a complete product.

Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Universal Game Controller – Android, iOS, Windows 

The Satechi Bluetooth controller features all the standard buttons which are on an Xbox controller, along with L1, L2, R1 and R2 buttons.

The L and R buttons are not triggers like on the Xbox controller and do not have a tactile feel to them. There is a mode button on the face of the controller which lets you switch between PC, Android, iOS.

There is also an LED indicator for when the controller is charging. The Satechi Bluetooth controller also has a mouse button for when you want to use the controller as the mouse for your PC.

In the middle is the link button which lets you link the controller to your device.

The expandable latch on top will let you hold your phone, up to 7 inches. The grip on the holder is pretty strong and will keep your phone in place even in a shaky car trip. The battery will last up to 5 to 6 hours which is not very impressive.



The controller is highly responsive, and there was no input lag what so ever in the devices we tried it out on. It is the same as you would expect on an Xbox or a PlayStation.

The analog sticks are pretty smooth and the buttons have the right amount of giving, which makes them easy to press. The only negative is how the Satechi Bluetooth controller is limited to the iOS platform, in that this controller mostly only works with iCade games.

Other than that there are no issues with Android or Windows.

GameSir G3s Bluetooth Wireless Controller – Android, Windows

The GameSir G3s works with Android and PC and it comes with Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz adapter.

Inside the box, you get a micro USB to micro USB cable (to connect directly to your phone) and a micro USB cable to connect to your PC, the wireless adapter, and the phone bracket.

There are colors available in green, orange and blue.

The GameSir G3s works great with the PC, and we prefer to use the dongle instead of the Bluetooth as it seems to be more reliable. We tested the Bluetooth on Android devices and it worked very well.

You don’t need to use the adapter with the phone as it pairs well with Bluetooth. GameSir G3s also has the mouse option where you can use the analog stick to control the cursor.

As for latency or lag, we did not come across any lag in response time. The response was pretty instant across PC and Android devices, and also through Bluetooth and wireless 2.4GHz.

The button layout is pretty standard with the Xbox controller, and the built quality is good. The controller has a turbo button which is useful for older games.


The buttons on the controller are lit with LED’s inside. These are the X, Y, and A, B buttons, also the home button in the middle also illuminates.

These are optional of course and can be turned off. If you are thinking that turning the lights off will extend the battery life well, you might be correct to some extent but these lights take up so little energy, there’s really no point.

The GameSir G3s is a handy little controller and is relatively cheap now since there are newer versions available.

However, this is still one of the best controllers you can find,  for the pice.

GameSir T1s Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Controller – Android, Windows

Like the other controllers in the GameSir series, the GameSir T1s also only supports Android and Windows.

The GameSir T1s is modeled after a PS4 controller and you get the same button layout.

The direction pad on the this is not the best, as it will not give instant responses when you try to move back and forth really quickly, so users might find issues with this controller when it comes to playing games that require very fast movement.

The other buttons are a bit spongy, however, they are very responsive and easy to press. A big plus point is the analog sticks. These are super smooth and moves about very easily.

The GameSir T1s also features the L2,1 and R1,2 buttons, and what’s cool is that the R2 and the L2 buttons are triggers, much like in the PS4 controller.

The built quality on the triggers is also excellent as there is a good amount of resistance on those buttons.


The GameSir T1s can be connected to your PC with the micro USB cable and also be connected as an X-input controller, which is what you would get from an Xbox controller, thus anything compatible with an Xbox controller will work with the GameSir T1s.

There is a bracket that comes out from the middle of the controller so you can attach the mobile phone and connect via Bluetooth.

You can connect the device to your PC via Bluetooth as well however, that is not X-input compatible. Therefore you would use the wireless adapter which is slotted into the device.

You would plug it into the PC and the GameSir T1s will automatically get connected via a 2.4GHz connection.


One thing you will notice is how sensitive the analog sticks are, and also the triggers are super sensitive and give a really good amount of resistance.

There might be a little bit of latency with the wireless dongle, and if that is bothering you too much, you can always plug in the controller directly (PC), which will improve the input time.

For Android, we did try it out on a few devices; the performance was pretty much the same across multiple devices however, we did see a bit of a lag time (milliseconds).

Apart from that, the GameSir T1s is a solid buy and worth the bucks.

SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller – iOS

The SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller is exclusively for Apple products and the iOS. Without a doubt, this is the best controller you will get for your Apple products.

The built quality is excellent and on par with console controllers easily.

The biggest selling point the SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller is that it compatible with the newest 4th gen Apple TV, which now has the ability to play games. The Apple TV comes with a remote for games, however, it is pretty terrible.

The controller is about the same size and weight as an Xbox controller, and the button layout is also pretty similar although the analog sticks are placed more like in a PS controller.

On the top, there are dual pressure sensitive trigger buttons which feel really solid, and the on/off button along with the Bluetooth connect button.

The Nimbus claims to have a battery life that will last up to 40 hours which is better than any other controller out there.

Once you get it connected to your Apple TV, it will immediately connect, and you can start playing with zero configurations. The controller has no latency or lag and once you get used the controls, its all smooth sailing.


Just note that for the other devices such as the iPad or the iPhone, you will need to download the Nimbus app. Which is not a big deal, however, note that not all games are controller compatible.

Also, you will hear that when it comes to the Mac side, the Nimbus is really lacking, and that would be true. Again the controller is not compatible with all games, especially older ones.

Overall the SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller is a pretty great controller which is really well built, and if you are looking for a controller for Apple TV, then look no further.

If you want to play games on iOS, its best to check the Nimbus app to make sure that your games are listed