“Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition” – Review for Android and iOS

“Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition” – Review for Android and iOS

Final Fantasy is one of our favorite franchises, period.

It is one of those brilliant franchises that never seem to go out of trend. From a business standpoint, that is just magnificent.

Final Fantasy XV or Final Fantasy 15, was released last year on consoles, which was a pretty big event. Never did we imagine playing it on our mobiles one year later.

If you have played Final Fantasy XV on consoles you would know how massive the game is, and shrinking it down to fit a mobile device may seem impossible.

Yet, the good people at Square Enix had other ideas. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition for Andriod and iOS makes it possible for us to experience the same story, on the go. And it is a triumph.

Familiar Friends

If you have played the original you know that the story of the game is about Noctis, the prince of the kingdom of Lucis.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition begins in a similar fashion where, on the day of the peace negotiations between the two kingdoms, Lucis and Niflheim, things go horribly wrong.

Luckily for all of us, Noctis and his 3 best friends were away, which gives them time to figure out a solution to the problems faced by their kingdom and ultimately save the day.

Then in typical Final Fantasy fashion, the story goes from crazy to absolutely bizarre.


Pocket Size Optimized

Obviously, the entire story of the original is not packed into Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, however, all the main areas and storylines are covered.

Also, the Final Fantasy mobile game version does not feature the super realistic graphics of the console game, rather Square Enix have opted for a more cartoonish mobile-friendly graphics style.

Now, this does not affect any of the ‘darker’ scenes of the game, and in that sense, the development team has done a fantastic job.

With only the main parts of the story included in the Pocket Edition, the story flows on quite nicely.

How Open is the Open-World?

In saying that, Final Fantasy XV (the console version), when it was released, most of the hype was about the massive and fantastic open-world.

Especially in the first half of the game, gamers had the freedom to go crazy, exploring and driving around in the car, getting into random fights, side quests etc…

Now with Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, most of this is very limited obviously, and the size of the world is greatly reduced.

Does this hamper the experience?

We don’t think so, and since it is, in fact, a mobile game, you honestly can’t spend too much time goofing around. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is therefore much more focused and objective oriented, which actually lets you absorb the story more.

The game still has plenty to do regardless.


Everything just works

The gameplay mechanics and the controls have been changed to suit mobile devices and touch controls.

Instead of the epic ground view camera angle we got from the console version, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition gives you a more, over-head camera angle which lets you see the whole picture much more clearly.

This gives you more control of your character and also a better view of your enemies.

In the mobile version, you also only have to control Noctis, and the computer takes care of the other characters.


Kicking A**

To attack, all you have to do is to point at an enemy and Noctis will do the rest.

However, you still have the option to use special attacks, warp strikes and perform defensive moves.

Battling is a lot easier than in the console version, still, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition will give you a good challenge when it comes to Boss fights; and these boss fights are as always, epic.

Killing your enemies earns you ‘AP’ which can be used to gain new abilities, combos and of course, increase sat for the characters.

Very much similar to the ascension grid featured on the console version, but with fewer customization options.


The always brilliant Square Enix

As always with Square Enix, the production value is something the company thrives on, and that is evident with Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition.

The graphics style is something that some will complain about, but we did not find anything wrong with it.

Also, the sounds were taken directly from the original version to the mobile version, which adds a lot of value for people who have played and loved the console game.

The game is not about exploration like the original, still, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition mages to have its own unique identity, which serves the game really well.


The pricing strategy for Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is something Square Enix has used in the past.

The first chapter of the game is free. This lets the players know what the game is all about. And to be honest you can’t really stop at the first chapter, as these games are good.

Chapters 2 and 3 are available for $0.99 which is also great! From that point onwards, each chapter will cost $3.99, which will total at $19.99 which is a pretty hefty sum for a mobile game.

But is it worth it? Simple answer, YES.

Final Thoughts

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is a beautiful little love letter to the console version.

The game has brilliantly taken all the best parts of the original and compiled it into a pocket-sized masterpiece.

If you are new to the franchise, you will fall in love with the story and the characters, and if you are already a fan, you will appreciate how well the mobile game version has preserved the essence of the original.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is well thought out and feels right at home on the mobile platform.

This is one amazing achievement by Square Enix. Download Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition below.