Fortnite 3.5 iOS and Andriod Update | Port-a-Fort, 50V50 and More

Fortnite 3.5 iOS and Andriod Update | Port-a-Fort, 50V50 and More

It is here folks, another big update for Fortnite for all platforms (Andriod, iOS included) by Epic Games. The major new additions to the game include the Port-a-Fort and 50V50 epic Battle Royale mode (version 2).

The Port-a-Fort

Oh, we love this! You can have up to five of these bad boys in your inventory, and once it is thrown, it instantly builds you a fort which is three stories tall (It looks pretty bad ass too).

The fort is made out of metal, and using the tires at the bottom, you can jump right to the top.

Check out the sick video trailer below

50V50 V2

This is pretty self-explanatory; 50V50 v2 lets two teams of 50 battle it out for glorious victory.

The two teams will be flying around the island in their own battle buses from opposite sides.

On mobiles, the interface will not show any sliced weapons or pickaxes on the audio indicator.

Fortnite is known for its impressive visuals, and they have taken a step further with better anti-aliasing and improvements to the vegetation in the map.

Replay mode

Epic games have added a Replay mode; however, it is currently available only for console and PC versions.

This lets you view your games once again in different camera angles, plus a lot more, which a really neat feature we thought.

iOS and Andriod updated will be delivered in-game, and so, while installing the game was pretty quick, you might find yourself spending some time and data downloading these updates.


Code for iOS?

Lots of people still think they need a code to play Fortnite on iOS. YOU DON’T NEED A CODE ANYMORE.

If you are still debating over which is best, Fortnite or PUBG, check out our side-by-side comparison.

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