Fortnite Makes $300 Million on iOS in 200 Days

Fortnite Makes $300 Million on iOS in 200 Days

Fortnite Makes $300 Million on iOS in 200 Days

Fortnite is in one business and one business only: Yep, you guessed it, THE MONEY BUSINESS. 

According to an analyst, sensor Tower, the favored battle-royale game has created $300 million in revenue in two hundred days simply on iOS.

According to sensor Tower, in only under seven months since the game launched as an invite-only beta on iOS on March fifteen, it’s grossed a complete $300 million worldwide. a number most games would dream of earning throughout their life, and it solely took Fortnite two hundred days.



The data additionally reveals that 65 % of the three hundred million figure comes from players primarily based within the USA. the U.S. market continues to crush revenue streams for the game.

Even more spectacular is that the game is apparently not showing any signs of slowing down. Last month it had its most concurrent players ever, and apparently, $20 million of this $300 million was achieved simply this past week once Season six began.

To put Fortnite’s accomplishment on iOS into context, in its 1st two hundred days Supercell’s hit game, Clash Royale, solely achieved $228 million, that is roughly 32 % less. Meanwhile, Tencent’s well-liked MOBA, Honor of Kings, solely achieved $121 million on the Chinese App Store within the same quantity of time, so less than half of Fortnite.

Clash Royale notably took an extra 2 months to hit $300 million in revenue. Meanwhile, Fortnite’s biggest challenger, PUBG Mobile, has solely earned $47 million on Apple’s platform in 173 days, aka considerably less.

And this is simply iOS. It does not take into account android, PC, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch revenue. who is aware of how massive its total revenue the past two hundred days have been. probably too huge to count, particularly once you consider console gamers tend to be more engaged, and so may be more likely to splurge on in-game purchases.

However, despite a powerful effort, Fortnite wasn’t able to become the quickest game to hit $300 million on iOS, that honor still belongs to Pokemon Go, that hit the figure in only 113 days.

Nonetheless, players have spent an average of 1.5 million per day on the game’s iOS version since launch ($2.5 million per day when Season six began).

Meanwhile, on Android, sensor Tower estimates the title has created $60 million since it arrived on the platform in August.

Somebody should seriously drive to North Carolina and ensure Epic Games hasn’t sunken in V-Bucks.