Fortnite on iOS – $1 Million In The Bank!

Fortnite on iOS – $1 Million In The Bank!

No surprises folks! Fortnite iOS did $1 million in sales in the very first day (despite being invite only). and went past $1.5 million, 3 more days later (Source:


Although Pokemon go and Clash Royale did a whole lot more on their launches, what is important to remember is that Fortnite for iOS is “invite only”, not everybody has access to download the game.


Players can buy the “Battle Pass” using V-Bucks on the PS4 platform and then use it on their iOS device.

Fortnite will only feature cosmetic In-App-Purchases, like the Battle Pass and will not feature progression enhancing IAP’s like its competing titles. Which we approve.

Bottom line is, with a limited audience release, sales figures such as this for a mobile title, is absolutely amazing.

Helping out competition

According to Sensor Tower, the popularity of Fortnite is actually affecting the rankings of other games in the same genre. For example, Rules of Survival by NetEase has risen through the ranks in the AppStore from number 14 to number 5, due to similar keywords.

However, obviously, no game is even coming close to the sales numbers of Fortnite, as of right now.

The Hype

These high volumes are obviously due to all the hype surrounding the game, and the numbers might drop after the hype sizzles.

On the other hand, due to all the commotion created through the limited release, it is possible the numbers might continue to grow, even more, once the game gets a full release.

The second scenario is very likely


Also, another thing to notice is that, compared to the convoluted monetization systems used by Tencent and NetEast, the system used by Fortnite is much more straightforward, hence a lot better.

This will help the games’ monetization going forward.

Finally, I don’t think anyone ever had any doubt that Fortnite on mobile will be nothing short of a massive success, and these initial numbers prove everyone right.

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