‘FORTNITE’ New Patch 5.41 | New LMT & New Items

‘FORTNITE’ New Patch 5.41 | New LMT & New Items

Fortnite New Patch 5.41

As you might know, Fortnite had the Gateway LTM recently and that mode has now ended. Patch 5.41 has begun in the downtime.

We already know that every path has a ‘limited time mode’ for players to enjoy until the next patch.

One of my favorite things is using the glider when jumping off the battle bus, and with Soaring Solos players can now use it during gameplay every time they jump off a large height.

Through a red supply drop, players can now spawn a complete spiky stadium, and these are supposed to be filled with a lot of bounces and traps.

We all know how fun the playground was.

The legendary item Port-a-fort will let you build a portable fortress (duh). There was a problem though where an unsupported character used for in-game, would result in a few issues.

All of this has been addressed on Fortnite patch 5.41. There are graphical updates as well, where there is now an edge-glow on bounce pads and walls. This helps in recognizing them much faster.


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