Dragon Mayhem ‘Galerider’ Coming Soon to iOS

Dragon Mayhem ‘Galerider’ Coming Soon to iOS

Galerider for iOS by Orion Arts is a game that takes you back to classic rail shooters, and if you are a fan of those kinds of games, Galerider might be something you really need to check out.

As you can see in the game trailer below, Galerider is about riding massive dragons and shooting down stuff. Why? Because dragons are cool man…

And if you are familiar with the Panzer Dragon series, you can see that it has had a heavy influence on Galerider. The influence of another classic rail shooter ‘Star Fox’ is also obvious.

Check out the trailer for Galerider:

From what we know so far, Galerider will feature 9 stages across 3 unique locations.

This game actually has a really cool backstory.  According to the game description, Galerider will take place in a “Dystopian world of myth and magic” called Hyperia.

Hyperia is a society filled with warriors, and the most elite of them are called, yes you guessed it, Galeriders.

Galeriders have the ability to ride and command the biggest and the baddest of dragons called Wind Drakes.

You will play as Bree, a brave Galerider who sets out on a mission to save her people from an unknown threat.

Some of you might remember a really cool game called Arc Squadron, another really good rail shooter released way back in 2012 by Psyonix, who are responsible for the smash hit Rocket League.

Galerider gives off similar vibes which is great, though we will have to wait and see if the game lives up to the hype when it drops in October.