Pick of the Week | Spike City for iOS

Pick of the Week | Spike City for iOS

Nitrome is known for putting out hit after hit. When Spike City for iOS was announced, we have no doubt that this would be another one of those winners.

As predicted, Spike City is another brilliant little title by Nitrome.

What is Spike City?

The game is a vertical platformer. Somewhat similar to Nitrome’s famous title Leap Day, but not entirely.

If you are familiar with vertical platformers you know how these games are structured. You beat one level at a time and you progress further up, kind of like moving up the floors in a building.

Where Spike City is different from Leap day is that it does not use the same autorun and jump method.

Rather you swipe your character in the direction you want, which makes it fly in the said direction until it hits something.

It is better you check out the trailer

The most important thing in Spike City is, you guessed it, the “Spikes”, rather THE spike that is sticking out of your head.

After swiping in a direction, if you hold your finger on the screen, you will stick to whatever surface you hit. And this isn’t just something you do here and there; basically, the whole game is based around this mechanic.

This spike system is what makes this game stand out. The developers have used this in so many brilliant and imaginative ways, which makes the game so much fun and very original.

You need to be creative yourself in order to negotiate certain obstacles. You also need to be quick

There are two modes in the game, one is where the levels are generated randomly in an endless runner mode; second, is a more traditional level by level campaign mode with some serious boss fights.

There are also plenty of unlockables and customization options to keep you busy.

As all Nitrome games, Spike City is also free to play but with ads, which you can disable with IAP’s.

Spike City is a great little way to kill time.

Download Spike City for iOS below,