Gamevice VS Nintendo Saga Takes An Interesting Turn

Gamevice VS Nintendo Saga Takes An Interesting Turn

If you don’t already know, Gamevice filed a lawsuit against Nintendo back in 2017.

The latest news is that the United States International Trade Commission is investigating the Nintendo Switch. The USITC has not exactly said that it is the Switch that they are looking into, rather a “portable gaming console with attachable components”.

We all know it’s the Nintendo Switch.

The Gamevice Device in Question

Before the release of the Switch, Gamevice came out with the Wikipad, which was an Andriod tablet with attachable controllers.

This does not have all the same features as the Nintendo Switch, but one can see how the two devices might be similar in some ways.

This was the reason for the legal battle

What outcome is Gamevice expecting?

We do not believe that Gamevice wants to shut down the Nintendo switch and become some evil villain in this story.

What we think the ideal scenario Gamevice is looking for is sharing a cut of what the Nintendo switch is making.

A percentage sharing deal of every unit sold of the switch.

That would mean Nintendo having to pay Gamevice for all the units sold already, and then a portion of every sale from then.

Now that is one sweet deal for Gamevice.

The Nintendo Switch is not going anywhere and it is selling really well presently, and it will continue to do so. By licensing the patent, Gamevice can make a lot of money.

And I don’t think this would hurt Nintendo too much either. Shutting the operation down completely, on the other hand, might.

One thing is sure though, Nintendo is not going to share a piece of their pie with anyone that easily.

We will not be surprised if there is news of a settlement between the two parties in the coming months. If the USITC side with Gamevice, that is the more likely scenario.

What we don’t want to see is these legal issues affecting customers and future customers. Hopefully, this all ends well.